Iconic basketball players who changed everything

Each sport has its own story with heroes and villains and true legends. In this article we will get acquainted with the main legends of basketball and see how they changed this game and the betting market on it. This list may and will be subjective, but even in it there are a couple of names that everyone will agree with.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
In 1971, the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team won the game for the first and only time in its history. Bucks center Lewis Alcindor became the most valuable player in the season and final games of that year. Only true fans know about him, but anyone has probably heard of the iconic Karim Abdul-Jabbar. Meanwhile, this is one and the same person. The fact is that the day after the 1971 championship, he changed his name, becoming Abdul-Jabbar. While still at university, the basketball player converted to Islam, this step, apparently, was planned long before the success came.

The name Lewis Alcindor gradually went down in history, while Karim became one of the leading stars of the league for many years. Over 20 seasons in the NBA, he became the best scorer in the history of the NBA(38 387 points), was recognized as the MVP of the season 6 times (a record figure), with the Bucks and Lakers six times became champion of the Association, more than anyone was called up to All-Star Game (19 times). He is also in the top 3 NBA players for rebounds (17,440) and block shots (3189).

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan certainly deserves first place in this ranking. As part of the “Chicago” basketball team, he made it to the finals 6 times, while he was invariably recognized as the MVP of the finals. Jordan – five-time Most Valuable Player in Association’s regular season, Olympic champion. Michael has also won two overhead shooting competitions, NBA Defensive Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year. It is difficult to find a title that would not be in his arsenal.

Wilt Chamberlain
To understand the greatness of Wilt Chamberlain, suffice it to say that he is the only player in NBA history, whose number is withdrawn from circulation in three teams at once – Lakers, Philadelphia and Golden State.
Chamberlain has played for each of these basketball clubs, showing incredible numbers throughout his career: 30.1 points – 22.9 rebounds – 4.4 assists per game. He twice became the champion of the Association with the “Philadelphia” and “Lakers”, four times was recognized as the MVP. He also has two unshakable records: 100 points scored in one match and 23,924 career rebounds.

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant has won 5 championship rings, an NBA MVP title, 2 Olympic gold medals, and 18 All-Star appearances. Bryant is undisputedly one of the best attacking defenders in NBA history, coming close to iconic Michael Jordan like no other.
In addition to numerous awards, Kobe has approached unbreakable records throughout his career. Bryant is currently the fourth highest scoring player in NBA history (33,643 points). He also owns the second best record in terms of points scored in one game – in 2006, Kobe shipped 81 points to Toronto’s basket. He always was the favourite among those who bet.

Why should you bet on basketball?

You already know what types of basketball bets exist, how matches are played, how odds are calculated, what live bets are and how to choose a site for online betting.
Basketball has many advantages over betting on other sports: a large number of equally likely events, high betting limits and low margins on NBA games, regularity and frequency of meetings, detailed statistical analytics will help you enjoy the game and take another step towards professionalism. Read, play, win and good luck!


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