Basketball players at their peak and how to bet on their teams

The ratings of the greatest, most successful and talented always carry a certain amount of subjectivity. And basketball is no exception in this regard. We present our ranking of the greatest basketball players at the moment. Be careful, because they can bring you victories in basketball betting.

Karl-Anthony Towns
Center, 22, Minnesota Timberwolves
Minnesota are the most unexpected team in the 2018 playoffs. Anyway, in the NBA playoffs, where the Wolves have not appeared for 14 years, since the days of Kevin Garnett. The main factor behind the Timberwolves’ takeoff is the passing of Chicago star Jimmy Butler last summer, but without Townes, nothing would have happened. At 22, he is already an established star and proves to Timofey Mozgov that the role of center in the NBA is not dead. Townes made it to the top 5 league rebounds last season and scored 56 points against Atlanta on March 28. No one for Minnesota has scored more in one match – not even Garnett. One of the best on his teams right now.

Stephene Curry
Defender, 30, Golden State Warriors
Everything is simple here. Steph is a three-time NBA champion and simply the best basketball sniper in history. Not the one who scored the most points (although this is possible over time), but simply the best sniper. Who does not care where to score – even from the center line, even from the tunnel under the stands. You should bet on him, while he still plays.

Kevin Durant
Forward, 29, Golden State Warriors
They say this year the title of the best basketball player in the final was supposed to go to Curry. In all fairness, Steph has certainly had at least one MVP prize in the aggregate of his three playoff victories. But it was Durant who covered his partner’s back when his main weapon stopped working. Curry without three-pointers is as if Igor Akinfeev stopped hitting penalty kicks.
Curry’s cannon refused in the third match of the final. At all. Of the first 9 shots from beyond the arc, 0. And Golden State without Steph’s three-pointers is like Stanislav Cherchesov without a mustache. LeBron and Cleveland could have broken the streak right here and got 1-2 instead of dead 0-3. It was then that Durant scored the most important three-pointer of the third match and of the entire final. From 10 meters.

James LeBron
Forward, 33, Los Angeles Lakers
You can admire him or hate him. Root for his next team or wish her defeat. The only thing you can’t do is argue that LeBron is the best basketball player in the world.
“Defending against LeBron is the hardest job in basketball,” said Golden State head coach Steve Kerr. The last eight NBA Finals say the same thing. The MVP of the gold series is either LeBron himself, or the one who defends against him. In 2014 – Kawhi Leonard, in 2015 – Andre Iguodala, in 2018 – Durant (and only therefore not Steph).
James was said to have no average shot, but last season proved otherwise. The king became even stronger. At 33, he continues to gain. So love him or curse him – but enjoy the moment. We live at the same time as LeBron and can watch his games and bet on him.

What is the best bet?

The best basketball teams have all of the top players, so the obvious way to win is to place the optimal bet on the total points. To do this, you need to look at the team’s results in the last 6-10 matches (for the sum of points for all quarters). Before betting, you need to compare the totals with the ones offered by the bookmakers, and in the case when the teams have finished more quarters with a smaller total, then it is worth betting on the total less, with a larger one, respectively.


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