How to earn money from bets on basketball?

At the moment, there are few basketball betting strategies so that the player can make winning bets. You may use the forecasts for the total score by quarters and the live variant. In addition, bookmakers often overestimate the odds on the total, which once again increases the chance to determine the values. And this is a direct chance in betting to get the main prize.

Basics of the game

For an accurate shot, from one to three points are awarded: one for the free kick, two for hitting within the three-point arc, three for the rest of the throws. The match is played in four quarters. A five-minute overtime is spent when there is a draw in regulation time. The number of overtimes is not limited. Coaches make an unlimited number of substitutions.

Peculiarities of basketball betting

nba format 4x8 mins

Cyberbasketball, e.g. NBA format 4×8 mins, is a cool alternative for traditional basketball

There are two major basketball organisations: NBA and Euroleague. Everyone has definitely heard of the NBA but few have heard of Euroleague. This organisation is responsible for all basketball matches held on professional level all over Europe. Basketball is played according to different rules in the United States and Europe. Therefore, the ways of gambling in both of these leagues have nothing in common. Let’s take a look at the dissemblance between NBA and FIBA ​​rules.
The old quarter in the NBA lasts 12 minutes, while the quarter in FIBA ​​lasts 10 minutes. Also, the players have a different number of fouls. In the NBA 6, in Europe 5. They also have a different number of comments for the team. In the NBA, this number is 5, in Europe 6.
If the player has exhausted the foul limit, it is removed, and another one comes out instead. If a team has too many remarks in the quarter, every violation, except for offensive fouls, is punishable by free throws. There are many more rules and differences. We have listed the basic ones to bet on basketball.

Types of basketball bets

If you are familiar with the main varieties of betting, then it is easy to understand how to place money on basketball. The most common options are:

  • on the outcome of the match with or without overtime or the outcome of a quarter;
  • total and individual total traditional over and under, as well as total in a certain range, there are also totals on points, fouls, free throws;
  • handicap with a wide range;
  • to compare quarters in which quarter one or both teams will show a higher or maximum result per game;
  • for comparison of matches matches are compared within the same round between teams of the same level, it is necessary to predict in which the total score or the individual result of the team will be higher;
  • long-term betting on the team’s passage to the next stage of the competition long-term gambles of greatest interest are in the NBA and the Euroleague.

A draw in basketball (in regulation time, followed by overtime in this case) is a rarity, but such an outcome still happens. Therefore, many players, placing money on basketball today, bet on the victory of one of the teams with a handicap of 0.5. In this case, the coefficient decreases slightly, but the bettor is insured against loss if the game ends in a draw.
Often, online basketball bettors prefer the so-called live basketball gambling, which can be adjusted during the match. In addition to the main ones, the live line often includes many additional bets (for example, the number of fouls scored by the leader). This tactic of betting on basketball is not always justified due to the dynamism and unpredictability of the game.

Basketball betting strategies

There are a number of widespread methods of gambling on basketball, with experienced players resorting to several strategies, while beginners are better off sticking to one. For gambling in total, the calculation method is used based on the results of the last 5 games of each of the teams, as well as their face-to-face meetings. You can do an even-odd or total over-under in a quarter using the catch-up strategy.
If a clear favorite and an outsider meet, the minimum rate is made on the outsider before the start of the match, and a larger bet on the favorite at the moment when he shows the best performance. These are almost win-win bets on basketball, although they do not promise a big win.

How do forecasts work?

In the case of certain factors, basketball strategies may only work in certain cases. If the user decided to take advantage of new opportunities and purchased one or the other forecast from trusted specialists. In any case presented, each specific project will be involved after careful verification.
The best specialists will be able to highlight any formalities that, as a result, can help to achieve the desired result. Forecast strategies work in rare cases, although in this case the player can independently choose his own position. Having developed a strategy in a specific format, you can achieve a positive result in a fairly short time. Thus, the player can achieve the desired result without even straining.
It is possible that this approach will help to look at this system from a different angle. Ready-made forecasts consider any point of view and can lead to an approximate result. Only after considering some of the nuances can we single out that all users can carry out all the formalities in an exact format.

Is it worth betting on basketball?

It 100% does. This sport is one of the most affordable in terms of
gambling. This gives you a wide range of choice in bets, rates, teams and so on. Popularity of this sport makes it much easier to find data for analysis, even if you are new to this sport. Bet wisely and do not rush – it is our main advice for all of you.


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