How to bet on women’s basketball?

Sometimes, in certain sports between women’s and men’s tournaments, there is a whole gap, which forces bettors to develop separate strategies. All this also applies to basketball: a different approach to the work performed, the increased responsibility and conscientiousness of females in front of the set goal, and distinguishing women’s competitions from men’s. It remains to find out what this difference is and how to use it in basketball betting.

Features of women’s basketball

When developing a strategy and tactics for the game, the following factors should be taken into account:
Female basketball is less effective;
In many championships, there is a crazy difference between leaders and outsiders, which is associated with a noticeable shortage of strong performers, sometimes the reason for this is the weak economies of some countries;
A more responsible approach to home fights, which leads to frequent home defeats by the favorites of the outsiders, and when an outsider accepts one of the leaders on the home court, his plus handicap often passes;
Men, leading the score, can relax a lot in the last quarter, which girls rarely allow themselves, this should be taken into account when concluding a live bet.
At the heart of many successful theories lies the increased responsibility of females to the trust of their business – to play basketball and to achieve maximum results.
All these features are good when one of the complete outsiders comes to visit one of the leaders: all this allows you to successfully play on the negative handicap of the home leader. And although bookmakers often insure themselves with large negative odds on the owners in such a situation, this does not often save them from losing.

National team matches

In women’s basketball, there is not such a terrible difference in the level of play between the clear favorites and the complete outsiders within the national teams. But the analysts of the offices, obviously under the influence of men’s competitions, where there is such a difference, often set overestimated coefficients for the victory of outright favorites, which makes it possible to prospectively bet on the positive handicaps of outsiders, playing with the system.
The Spanish women’s national team is one of the top-ranked national teams in Europe, but in the final stage of the 2017 World Cup, when the Spaniards became champions, they allowed experienced bettors to successfully bet on the positive handicaps of weaker teams, as happened in the presented case, when F1 ( +15.5) gave 1.9-2.

Club competitions

In matches of this category, it is worth paying attention to meetings where the implicit favorite accepts an incomplete outsider: when the odds of 1.6-1.7 are given to the home favorite’s victory. In such a situation, bookmakers set odds higher than 2 for a small negative handicap of the favorite. All this makes it possible to successfully play on such a negative handicap of an implicit favorite if three conditions are met regarding this very leader of the fight:
He is in good shape;
Has a high motivation to play, a good microclimate inside the team;
There is no strong load on the leader’s victory, and if there is a decrease in the coefficient, then it is not very large.

On which competitions should you bet?

One of the most significant basketball competitions is the Olympic Games, which take place every four years. In addition, teams can participate in international championships and you can bet on them. The Women’s Basketball World Championship is held every 4 years, and the European Championship is held every 2 years. The World Women’s Club Basketball League, the official FIBA ​​tournament, is also a great opportunity to prove yourself. This tournament started in 2004. FIBA also hosts the FIBA ​​Women’s Euroleague) and the European Cup.


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