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Sunday Six Pack: Dwight, Heat Highlights and a Bar Fight

ONE: It’s a shame that the first Sunday Six Pack of the year has to be written in such depressing circumstances. Our Aussie NBA hero has once again gone down with a serious injury, this time as fractured left ankle. “It’s like someone has a voodoo doll of me and is putting pins in it”, […]

Sunday Six Pack: Three-peats, Rose and the Rose Garden

ONE: We haven’t spoken much of Bogut the past few weeks here at NBAMate. Truth be told, there hasn’t been much exciting news to talk about. The Bucks spiralled out of playoff contention (I will never EVER understand how the Indiana Pacers finished above the Milwaukee Bucks in 2010-2011) and Bogut, battling through injury, has […]

Sunday Six Pack: The Home Stretch Q&A

With less than a dozen games remaining in the regular season, we thought it might be a good time to put our heads together and wax lyrical on the home stretch. Crack open a tinny and enjoy. 1. The Spurs look to be hobbling across the finish line thanks to an injury to Timmy D. […]

Sunday Six Pack: Ray, Trades and Trailblazers

ONE: It’s hard to watch Bogut and the Bucks these days without getting a little frustrated. Frustrated because the Big Aussie is still obviously bothered by that arm injury, and can’t seem to get any consistency back in his game. Frustrated because the Bucks themselves are a shadow of the team that was rampaging through […]

Sunday Six Pack: Misfiring Aussies, Vince and the 81

ONE: Kicking off the Aussie round-up with the Bogey Man, I’d like to first point out that he is still the league-leading shot blocker. You know, just in case there’s anyone reading this thinking he isn’t All-Star worthy. He’s also 5th in the league in rebounds per game with 11.5, confirming what we already knew […]

Sunday Six Pack: Patty’s PB, Record Ray and the Amare Show

ONE: For the first time in a while, I’m going to start the Aussie Roundup with someone other than Bogut. The biggest NBA-related Australian news of late has been the play of Patty Mills. Patty hit his career high (14 points) a week ago against Houston in what was his best NBA game to date […]

Sunday Six Pack: Beastly Bogut, Confusing Trades and Lessons in Losing

So its been a little while between updates lately. My bad. Some overseas travel and my annual Golf Trip are the main culprits. But I’m back home and geared up for some serious ILP watching and blogging over the Christmas break, so I promise I’ll make up for it. ONE: Our little blogging drought lately […]

Sunday Six Pack: Decorating Bogut, Shout-outs, and Dying by the Kobe

ONE: Haven’t done an Aussie Roundup in a little while – guess I’m still recovering from the tragic news of Bogut’s injury. But there is some cause for rejoice for Aussie NBA fans. In case you weren’t following the blow-out that was Game 2 of Phoenix vs Portland, our own Patty Mills got a 7-minute […]

Sunday Six Pack: Playoff Seeds, TV and the Enigmatic C’s

ONE: When I saw the email that landed in my inbox last night I almost froze: “Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut out with middle back pain”. Surely, after appearing injury free for most of the season and playing at an All-Star level, the Big Aussie hadn’t been struck down when it mattered most? Upon further […]

Sunday Six Pack: A Magic title, the legacy of Chauncey, and Mr Amundson

ONE: As an Aussie NBA blog, you’d be forgiven lately for thinking Bogut is the only Australian playing in the league at the moment. And you wouldn’t be far from the truth. The three players who make up the remainder of the Aussie NBA Quartet have all gone through rough patches and struggled to get […]