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Sunday Six Pack: Brandon Jennings. That is all.

 AP Photo/Jeffery Phelps ONE: I normally do the Aussie Roundup first, but there’s no denying that the top of the news today – and arguably the whole week – belongs to Mr Brandon Jennings. After watching the Pistons pull off a nice come-from-behind victory in Washington, I went out shopping this afternoon feeling very content. […]

Sunday Six Pack: Big Men, Sour Grapes and the Return of T-Mac?

ONE: Charley Rosen at Fox Sports wrote a piece during the week on young centers in the NBA, titled “Why there’s a shortage of quality big men“. In it he touches on Andrew Bogut and offers the following assessment: “Bogut is perhaps the most savvy of the young bigs and also possesses very good hands. […]

It’s Official: He’s The Platypus

Avid readers of NBAMate will remember the piece I wrote on Danny Granger a couple of months back, a piece that others have since labeled “epic”, “amazing”, “?” and including the “greatest paragraph ever conceived by man”. I’m not writing this post out of blatant self-promotion… well, kinda… but I feel this needs to be […]

What is Danny Granger?

There is a natural tendency for NBA fans and media to categorize players into certain molds to help better understand what they are and what they’re trying to do. To translate an unknown quantity into something a little more familiar. You only need to look at a scout report for any young player and you’ll […]