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JT’s Playoff Odyssey

What’s it like to be an NBA sportswriter? Well, courtesy of NBAMate I had the chance to find out, by attending two games in Chicago and New York during the first round of the playoffs. As experiences go it was off the charts, a dream come true for a life long hoops fan. ‘Surreal’ is […]

The NBA: Where an Aussie Watching Basketball for 35 Days Happened

There is something special about returning to Australia that goes beyond the inevitable sense of home-coming and familiar territory. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the fact its so far away from everything else and so isolated – you can’t exactly wander into Australia from another country. Maybe it’s the fact that it […]

Rockets-Lakers – My Game 2 Diary

AP Photo/Chris Carlson I don’t remember the last time an NBA game spawned so much post-game gossip, debate, YouTube clips, conspiracy theories, and wild speculation. The Internet is alive with talk of the two ejections, the technical fouls, and of course, the possible suspensions that may be handed out to Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant […]

Round 2.. Fight!

Where to start with this game? I was at Staples Center for this one, and it was definitely the most chippy, most emotional game I’ve been at so far. I’ll be back tomorrow morning with my full game diary, but for now he’s a few videos you need to study. You need to a flashplayer […]

Day 17 – Rockets and Magic spoil the house parties

AP Photo/Matt Sayles – very cool photo After watching the Game 7 in Boston I decided to come back to LA to spend my remaining days before heading back to Australia. I chose LA for a couple of reasons. Firstly because the flight home leaves from LAX, kinda obvious. Secondly, because I thought the Lakers […]

Day 15 – Exhale

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer The great series had to end. Some predicted a Celtics blow-out, some suggested a Bulls upset victory, while many presumed it would reach at least one overtime period before ending again in epic fashion. The answer was neither of those, or perhaps somewhere in between. The game didn’t reach the nail-biting heights […]

Day 14 – Luck of the Irish

Firstly let me say that tonight I’m going to see Bulls-Celtics at the TD Banknorth Garden. In Boston. To say I’m excited about being at Game 7 of one of the greatest series in playoff history is an understatement. I feel blessed. I feel very lucky. Because the turn of events that lead me here […]

Day 13 – Where do I start

AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh 3 votes – The Bulls-Celtics series. Where do I start.. Maybe I’ll start exactly how I started Day 11, and that is by quoting what I said on Day 9. “Surely the remaining games of this series won’t be able to top Game 4? Right?”. Let me tell you something about […]

Bulls-Celtics – The Greatest Story on Earth

Forget amazing, tonight Impossible Happened. The series with four overtimes through its first five games has ended up with seven overtimes through its first six. If those numbers don’t make sense, they’re not supposed to. You’re not supposed to have more overtimes than games. Tonight basketball fans were left speechless, incapable of describing a game […]

Day 4 – Votes and the Degree of Difficulty

3 votes – Brandon Roy. 42 points on 15/27 shooting, including 12 in the fourth, most of which came against one of the league’s best defenders in Artest. That can of whoop-ass is officially open. The most alarming thing for the Blazers, is despite Roy’s massive game and Aldridge’s 27-12 and Yao’s measly 11 points, […]