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Channel Ten – Let em’ have it!

Channel Ten’s decision to pull the pin on their NBA coverage is a major disappointment for Aussie basketball fans. If you feel like venting, NBAMate reader Chris O’Brien has the answer. Take it away Chris: It would appear Australian commercial TV networks continue to turn it over when it comes to broadcasting HD sport. It […]

The Stars Are A Comin’

It’s no longer a rumour, its fact – NBA stars could be heading Down Under SOON! A few days ago we received word that preparations were underway to stage an exhibition game in Australia, and the reports circulating today confirm it. From Yahoo! Sports: Several of the biggest stars in the NBA – including Kobe […]

NBA looking for a mate Downunder

This is such big news that I felt it was worthy of more than just a Tweet. It seems the NBA is looking to rebuild its partnership with the NBL, a partnership we haven’t see since the last time Leon Trimmingham threw down a reverse windmill against the Geelong Supercats. Brooks Meek, the NBA vice-president of […]

2011 NBA Playoffs on Australian TV

On the eve of the 2011 NBA Playoffs, I thought it would be worthwhile keeping track of where and when the action will hitting our local TV airwaves.  This information was gathered from, One HD and Foxtel’s website – but that isn’t always 100% reliable, as evident by the laughable schedule I just read […]

NBA 2010-2011 TV Schedule for Australia

Now that the NBA TV scheduled for Aussie TV has been announced, its time to do what we do every year. Break it down. The ESPN Schedule for those of us with Foxtel: Thu.      10/28/2010      1:30 PM      Portland @ L.A. Clippers Sat.     10/30/2010     11:00 AM     Orlando @ Miami Sat.     10/30/2010     1:30 PM     L.A. Lakers @ […]

2010 NBA Playoffs on Australian TV

So it’s that time of the year again, where all Aussie NBA fans are madly scrambling to find out which NBA playoff games are being shown and where.  Last year we were spoiled with full coverage of both Conference Finals (thanks to One HD and ESPN), as well as a scattering of good games from […]

The Australian 2009-2010 NBA TV Schedule

FACT: The 2009-2010 season will contain more NBA games shown live to Australian TV audiences than any other season in league history. Most weeks we’ll have four or five games shown across both ESPN and One HD, giving us a total (based on the current schedules) of a whopping 121 games. That is a big […]

The NBA: Where an Aussie Watching Basketball for 35 Days Happened

There is something special about returning to Australia that goes beyond the inevitable sense of home-coming and familiar territory. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the fact its so far away from everything else and so isolated – you can’t exactly wander into Australia from another country. Maybe it’s the fact that it […]

The Odyssey of the Australian NBA Fan

The Aussie NBA fan community has always been a little ethereal in it’s existence. This is partly due to the NBA taking a massive popularity hit about ten years ago, and partly due to the fact the sport is played on the other side of the world. If you follow the NBA from Downunder the […]

NBA Playoffs on Australian TV

A lot of you may already know this, and obviously I haven’t been watching Australian TV of late to know what is being advertised, but it appears we will get NBA playoffs on both ESPN and One. At this stage it looks like ESPN will show their usual two games per week, and One will […]