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Q&A with Jim

Readers who frequented this site during the last off-season will recall the engrossing saga that was Jim’s Decision. Now, over three months later, we thought we’d check in on Jim to see how the re-born Aussie  Bulls fan was traveling. Read on. 1. So Jim, we’re halfway through your first NBA season as a re-born […]

Jim’s Decision Live – The Decision has been made

Folks, this is where it all goes down. In less than four hours from now I’ll be sitting down with Jim for his history-making Decision. The live interview transcript will be posted right here, in this post, as close to real-time as possible. You’ll have to keep clicking the ‘ol refresh button to follow the […]

Jim’s Decision – Live Tuesday night at 8pm AEDT

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Jim’s Decision.  Live.  Tomorrow night right here at NBAMate. Our exclusive interview with Jim will be broadcast in a live blog at 8pm Tuesday night, Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Melbourne/Sydney time). This will be early Tuesday morning for the US cities with a vested interest in Jim’s […]

Jim’s Decision – The Bucks make their case

It’s been a busy week for Jim. He’s been courted by four of the five teams on his short list, and from the brief discussions I’ve had with him, each team has made a distinct impression. There’s only one team remaining before Jim has to make his final decision – the Milwaukee Bucks. To present […]

Jim’s Decision – The Sixers make their case

Stepping up to the plate next in the Jim Fan Free Agency sweeps are the Philadelphia 76′ers. And what a privilege it is to have a reputable Sixers blogger make the presentation – Ricky from Sixers4guidos. So Jim, head on over to Ricky’s blog to hear the Sixers campaign. Sneak preview below. ——— Rob from […]

Jim’s Decision – The Bulls make their case

With the Heat and Knicks having made their cases, only three teams remain – the Bulls, Bucks and Sixers. To present the Bulls case, I called up an old friend of mine who I used to play Tuesday night basketball with. I was halfway through explaining the whole premise when he interrupted me… “Rob, I’ve […]

Jim’s Decision – The Heat make their case

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a guy who referred to himself only as “MK”. He told me he was Australia’s biggest Miami Heat fan, and I had no reason to disagree with him. Truth be told, I don’t know any Heat Fans (although I suspect I will soon). MK told […]

Jim’s Decision – The Knicks make their case

There’s been little word from Jim lately. He and his PR team have remained tight-lipped and haven’t given any indication as to which team Jim is leaning towards. That’s unsurprising, as we knew a series of team presentations were coming up – a chance for each of Jim’s shortlisted teams to win his allegiance. The […]

Jim extending his deadline until season opener

In breaking news, Jim has decided to extend the deadline for his Decision until the NBA season opener on 26th October. A short press release from his PR staff today read: Jim will be extending the deadline for his decision to give the candidate teams enough time to present their cases. This will also give […]

Why Jim Needs to Consider the Warriors

Hi Jim. You don’t know me. In fact, we’ve never met. Although that’s not a certainty. Back when I was drinking heavily I often found myself in some very new places with some strange people. So if you were the other Aussie tourist in that donkey show in Tijuana last year or one of the […]