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That’s what you get

This clip was just brought to my attention by a good pal of mine. Words cannot express the joy I get from watching this, so I’ll just use his own: “Varejao getting pegged square in the balls while flopping ranks as a legendary basketball moment”. Couldn’t agree more Ham. Rajon Rondo, you are even more […]

HTFU Ricky Rubio

By now I’m sure you’ve heard at least one story about Ricky Rubio and his draft dramas over the past few months. His indecision to declare for the draft, the disagreements with his European club DKV Joventut over his buy-out amount (which he has to pay most of himself), and his bitchy whining about what […]

HTFU Anderson Varejao

Where to start. Street intelligence informed us of a possible HTFU one week ago when the Cavaliers traveled to Boston to face the reigning champs. Check the “hard foul”: You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Looks pretty bad right? Take another look, at the 43 second mark where we […]

The HTFU Police are in Town

The NBA has never been a sport labeled “soft”. While it is a non-contact sport, any one who has played at a high enough level can appreciate the bruises and batterings you take on the hardwood. Not to mention the humiliation and mental scars that come with being dunked on, crossed over, torched for 40 […]

HTFU Detroit, the sinking Lakers and the charging Bucks

After spending two days trying to stay dry amidst the “drought-ending storm” at Meredith Musical Festival, and the next five days trying to stay on the fairways in Yarrawonga, I’m now back in Melbourne town and life is kind of back to normal again (although my liver will never be the same). After being away […]

HTFU Glen Davis

Anyone who saw yesterday’s Celtics vs Blazers game knows it. Glen Davis deserves the biggest “Harden the Fuck Up” of the season so far. During a Celtics timeout that was called because the Blazers were roaring back, Kevin Garnett pulled his troops together – literally – and seemed to have a few choice words for […]

The Man Wade, the Knick Lebron and the Smooth Obama

I woke up late Saturday morning to find the following message on my phone from Tizzle: To one and all. Let this be the day remembered as the day the Knicks basically signed Lebron James. Save this msg for 2010. New York basketball is back! I find it amusing that Knicks fans can rejoice “New […]

Mo’s, Blows, and the new Dolphin Saver

Ok I didn’t tell anyone but secretly I decided I wasn’t going to write another blog until Detroit won a game with Allen Iverson. To say I was disappointed with losing to the Nets (let alone Devin Harris going for a career high) and then being whooped by the Celtics is an understatement. I was […]

Day 1 starts with a whimper, ends with a sprain

Day 1 of the season finally arrived and didn’t fail to deliver the drama. The Cavs were handed their asses and the Celtics were handed their rings in an extremely emotional ceremony, as their 17th Championship Banner was raised to the ceiling. I love Paul Pierce, more than most non-Boston fans. And I know it […]

NBAMate – For FAQs Sake!

The new site is here! What used to be the Kickz101 Podcast Blog is now NBAMate. It’s pretty simple. But for the more curios/dull minded folk this Q&A should answer everything you need to know about anything. Q: What happened? A: We decided we wanted a new site and a new name so we started […]