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Sunday Six Pack: Decorating Bogut, Shout-outs, and Dying by the Kobe

ONE: Haven’t done an Aussie Roundup in a little while – guess I’m still recovering from the tragic news of Bogut’s injury. But there is some cause for rejoice for Aussie NBA fans. In case you weren’t following the blow-out that was Game 2 of Phoenix vs Portland, our own Patty Mills got a 7-minute […]

CP3 is the MVPOATWTBRITWC! and Hoopcity Touches Down

Ric, you’ve done it again. One of the best articles I’ve read about the MVP in recent years was this piece from Ric Bucher, where he looked at all the MVP candidates, didn’t award the MVP to anyone, invented six spin-off awards, talked about short skirts and sluts, and suggested his 3-year-old daughter might eventually […]