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Whats Doin: Dirk’s beard

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * What I wouldn’t give to see Dirk Nowitzki cultivate a Harden-esque beard. * Grantland with a terrific feature on Andrew Bogut – ‘How an Emerging Andrew Bogut Could Be the Playoff Difference for the Warriors’. They’re certainly singin’ from the same hymn sheet […]

Whats Doin: Happy New Year from Chris and Dwayne

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Here’s the video of Monta Ellis comparing himself to Dwayne Wade. Hilarious. * Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob says Andrew Bogut is “getting much closer” to a return. * Finally, the man speaks. Robert Sacre, where do those celebration dance moves come from? “I […]

Team USA finalizes roster

Not a bad group.

The things I learned in June

Some random observations from the previous month’s action: * I’m surprised that so many people are dumping on James Harden for his Finals performance. Sure, he was disappointing, but let’s be realistic here; he’s a third year player in this league and only 22 years old. I’ll repeat that, he’s 22 years old. And he […]

Quotes of the Month – June 2012

“Just to be clear with everyone that are asking where I’m playing next year, I have a lot of work to do before I think about a team!” – Jermaine O’Neal on Twitter. No one gives a shit, Jermaine. ”At that time, that could have hurt me being loyal. But a lot of times, I […]

Day 32 – Unibrow!

I’m not even going to lie. I barely watched a second of Rajon Rondo’s historic night (which was possibly one of the best point guard performances in playoff history). The reason – New Orleans won the lottery and I spent the next 48 hours (and counting) watching highlights, listening to interviews, reading articles, reading scouting […]

Quotes of the Month – May 2012

“I just got caught up with women throwing themselves at me. When a girl sends me 100 pictures, I have to send something back every now and then. I’m not an asshole.” – Former Blazer Greg Oden in a recent interview, explaining why he sent out the infamous nude picture of himself to a female […]

Whats Doin: A day at the ballpark with Thunder Dan

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Do you remember ‘Thunder’ Dan Majerle? Well, here he is at a baseball game randomly catching a ‘ground rule double’. And then he strikes a pose. Classic. * After their Game 7 win over the Grizzlies, the Clippers snatch a giant picture of […]

Day 16 – The cream rises to the top

Holy s**t! Those were my first words this morning when I logged on and saw that the Clippers had beaten Memphis in this Game 7 slugfest. With nagging injuries to Paul and Griffin, I gave them no shot to emerge from this series. But I suppose the lesson to be learned here is to never […]

Whats Doin: Some numskull violates Marc Gasol

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Kanye West caught ogling the New York Knicks’ cheerleaders. Can’t blame him. Not sure Kimmy K would approve though. * Some dude sitting courtside tries to put two fingers up Marc Gasol’s butt. I’m serious. * Former NBA string bean and washout, Keith […]