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Channel Ten – Let em’ have it!

Channel Ten’s decision to pull the pin on their NBA coverage is a major disappointment for Aussie basketball fans. If you feel like venting, NBAMate reader Chris O’Brien has the answer. Take it away Chris: It would appear Australian commercial TV networks continue to turn it over when it comes to broadcasting HD sport. It […]

The Australian 2009-2010 NBA TV Schedule

FACT: The 2009-2010 season will contain more NBA games shown live to Australian TV audiences than any other season in league history. Most weeks we’ll have four or five games shown across both ESPN and One HD, giving us a total (based on the current schedules) of a whopping 121 games. That is a big […]

NBA Playoffs on Australian TV

A lot of you may already know this, and obviously I haven’t been watching Australian TV of late to know what is being advertised, but it appears we will get NBA playoffs on both ESPN and One. At this stage it looks like ESPN will show their usual two games per week, and One will […]

NBA coming to Channel 10 sooner than expected

If any NBA-following Aussies didn’t already know this, Channel 10 is launching a 24-hour HD sports channel – called “One” – in April this year which will be featuring, among other things, live NBA. But it appears Channel 10 are jumping the gun a little and will be showing NBA ahead of schedule, on their […]