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Boomers vs. Butler University recap and Luc Longley interview

Final Score: Boomers win 96-57. Prior to the game the Basketball Australia media manager told me that after a couple of weeks of training the boys were chompin’ at the bit for this one, and it showed. It was men among boys – the Boomers were too sharp, too experienced and too big for the […]

Boomers training camp – AIS – 8th August 2013

And they say nothing interesting happens in Canberra……. Today was Day 1 of the Boomers’ second training camp at the AIS in preparation for next week’s Oceania world championship qualifying series against New Zealand, and I was lucky enough to be amongst the throng (kidding – considering the shit storm that erupted over the closed […]

‘stralia Day musings

There are very few things uglier than blind patriotism. To borrow a line from Irish playwright G.B.Shaw – who had been known to fling a ball or two at his local peach basket – it is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it. So in […]

Bogey Man goes BOOM

I know I know… I should have been blogging more on the Olympics. I actually haven’t caught that many games live. I watched the US dismantle Spain last night – they were super impressive – and I watched parts of the Australia – Russia match. In case anyone hasn’t seen it, Bogut finally came to […]