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Sunday Six Pack: Decorating Bogut, Shout-outs, and Dying by the Kobe

ONE: Haven’t done an Aussie Roundup in a little while – guess I’m still recovering from the tragic news of Bogut’s injury. But there is some cause for rejoice for Aussie NBA fans. In case you weren’t following the blow-out that was Game 2 of Phoenix vs Portland, our own Patty Mills got a 7-minute […]

‘stralia Day musings

There are very few things uglier than blind patriotism. To borrow a line from Irish playwright G.B.Shaw – who had been known to fling a ball or two at his local peach basket – it is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it. So in […]

Sunday Six Pack: Kobe-Lebron, the NBL and Chauncey Love

It’s been a while since the last Six Pack, mostly due to my USA travels, but with a lot happening in the world of basketball both abroad and at home, I thought it was about time to crack open a few. ONE: The state of NBL basketball continues to be in turmoil. Several people (including […]

End of the NBL?

What’s going on here? I’ve been back in the country barely two days and the NBL starts to fall apart? I like many others have been desperately waiting for an announcement from the league regarding the Expression of Interest process for next season, and all of a sudden we have the South Dragons pulling out […]

The Odyssey of the Australian NBA Fan

The Aussie NBA fan community has always been a little ethereal in it’s existence. This is partly due to the NBA taking a massive popularity hit about ten years ago, and partly due to the fact the sport is played on the other side of the world. If you follow the NBA from Downunder the […]