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Farewell from NBAMate

Seven years ago I had an idea to start a basketball blog. A basketball blog about the NBA that was written with a decidedly Aussie twist. Written by Aussies, but not necessarily for Aussies, about a sport that was played ten thousand miles away. It may seem unremarkable now, trivial in concept, but seven years […]

Q&A with Jim

Readers who frequented this site during the last off-season will recall the engrossing saga that was Jim’s Decision. Now, over three months later, we thought we’d check in on Jim to see how the re-born Aussie  Bulls fan was traveling. Read on. 1. So Jim, we’re halfway through your first NBA season as a re-born […]

Jim’s Decision

Jim has been a friend of mine for a very long time. Back in high school Jim was of a more elite sporting breed than myself – a regular member of the school’s A-Grade basketball, football, and cricket teams. I myself toiled in the C and D-grade leagues, and still remain partially scarred from the […]

The NBA: Where an Aussie Watching Basketball for 35 Days Happened

There is something special about returning to Australia that goes beyond the inevitable sense of home-coming and familiar territory. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the fact its so far away from everything else and so isolated – you can’t exactly wander into Australia from another country. Maybe it’s the fact that it […]

The Odyssey of the Australian NBA Fan

The Aussie NBA fan community has always been a little ethereal in it’s existence. This is partly due to the NBA taking a massive popularity hit about ten years ago, and partly due to the fact the sport is played on the other side of the world. If you follow the NBA from Downunder the […]

Not getting enough NBA Downunder? International League Pass might be the go

I’m sure most of our Aussie readers have heard of NBA’s League Pass Broadband service which allows you to watch any game online. What you may not know is that this service is now offered internationally (and has been all season) and for a small fee, you too can enjoy watching every NBA game live. […]

NBA coming to Channel 10 sooner than expected

If any NBA-following Aussies didn’t already know this, Channel 10 is launching a 24-hour HD sports channel – called “One” – in April this year which will be featuring, among other things, live NBA. But it appears Channel 10 are jumping the gun a little and will be showing NBA ahead of schedule, on their […]

The NBA’s Top 10 Aussie Ballers: An Australia Day Tribute

The NBA has become a truly international sport. Last season there were 75 non-US players on NBA rosters, many of them amongst the league’s elite: Yao, Dirk, Nash, Ginobili and Parker to name a few. When you talk about the Australian contingent most people probably think of Andrew Bogut, and maybe hold vague memories of […]

Kids Say the Darndest Things: The NBA from the point of view of a 6th Grader

You know how kids always seem to tell things like it is? That candid, naive point of view that simply escapes you when you get old and twisted like Hubie Brown or Stan Van Gundy. We thought it would be fun to ask a few sixth graders some questions about the NBA, their favourite players, […]

NBAMate – For FAQs Sake!

The new site is here! What used to be the Kickz101 Podcast Blog is now NBAMate. It’s pretty simple. But for the more curios/dull minded folk this Q&A should answer everything you need to know about anything. Q: What happened? A: We decided we wanted a new site and a new name so we started […]