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Patty Mills and Aron Baynes get it done against CSKA Moscow

Two bros in a Aron Baynes jersey

Apparently, they’re flying off the rack……..for family members. That’s Aron’s brother, Callum, and cousin, Chris, over from Auzz.

Whats Doin: Andrew Bynum can dance just fine on bad knees

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Sometimes I worry about finding enough material to keep this site ticking over. I needn’t worry, this is the NBA. Andrew Bynum, on holiday in Madrid, flamenco dancing. Sweet manna from heaven. * Taj Gibson wants in on the Dunk of the Year […]

Aron Baynes with a monster dunk in the D-League

Believing The Hype on Aron Baynes

Believe The Hype duo Tom and Benyam are kicking ass and taking names on their Texas Tour. Here’s their excellent interview with San Antonio Spur Aron Baynes:

Baynes settles in

In what must be a surreal experience for Aron Baynes he arrived at the Spurs’ headquarters today to sign his contract and get acclimatised to his new digs (his locker sits between Tony Parkers and Danny Greens). He spoke to Sportando and I’ve pasted below a few snippets from that interview. You can read the […]

Whats Doin: Ish Smith?

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Dirk Nowitzki plays cat and mouse with a Kings security guard. * An interesting article on Aron Baynes. * Some awesome dunks over the past week: Ish Smith (!!), Jeff Green, Taj Gibson, J.J. Hickson and J.R. Smith. * More from Ish Smith […]

Aussie Roundup – 11th January 2013

I would love to start this column by saying what an exciting week it’s been for our two lads in the NBA, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case again as Patty Mills saw limited court time (I’m looking at you Pop) and Andrew Bogut was still sidelined with injury (although he is traveling with the […]