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Farewell from NBAMate

Seven years ago I had an idea to start a basketball blog. A basketball blog about the NBA that was written with a decidedly Aussie twist. Written by Aussies, but not necessarily for Aussies, about a sport that was played ten thousand miles away. It may seem unremarkable now, trivial in concept, but seven years […]

Reflecting on the 2013 NBA Finals – Part II: The Heat and LeBron James

I received more than a fair share of emails and messages since Part I was posted, mostly of a curious nature. I thought it best to respond to these before we get on to the Heat and LeBron. Firstly, to those who asked, I do not hate Tim Duncan, and it was certainly not my […]

Reflecting on the 2013 NBA Finals – Part I: The Spurs and Tim Duncan

This post is deliberately a few weeks late because I had to let everything from the 2013 Finals soak for a little while. As I said in the Finals roundtable, it was an emotional rollercoaster, even for the neutral NBA fan. Now that the shock and awe of Game 6 and 7 has subsided, I […]

Playoff Diary – Week 9 – 17th June 2013

This is one weird series. Just when you thought LeBron and Wade had figured out how to circumvent the Spurs defensive trickery, they throw up another stink bomb and get beat by double-digits again (and that 10-point margin was flattering). To be fair, Game 5 was more about Tony and Manu than LeBron and Wade. […]

Playoff Diary – Week 5 – 25th May 2013

At the top of this post was supposed to be the YouTube clip of Paul George dunking on Birdman in what is undeniably dunk of the playoffs so far. But JT beat me to it. Guess that kind of sums up the significance of that moment, that we couldn’t wait to put it on our […]

Playoff Diary – Week 3 – 12th May 2013

The LeBron Rules For those too young to remember, the Bad Boy Pistons of the late eighties developed a secret yet blatantly obvious set of rules when playing against Jordan and the Bulls. The rules were simple: put Jordan on his ass every time he tries to drive the lane, and if you foul him, […]

Playoff Diary – Week 2 – 5th May 2013

Bogut’s best? You’ve seen the highlights and read the headlines. Andrew Bogut’s performance in Game 6 was epic – arguably the best game of his career, and certainly the most significant. Legacies get made in the playoffs, and for Bogut, his career had essentially been devoid of any meaningful post-season moments. Until now, of course. It’s incredible […]

Playoff Diary – Week 1 – 27th April 2013

Unstoppable Knicks get a lot of stops I watched the Celtics-Knicks game this morning and I expected it would be one of the best of this post-season. How wrong I was, about this game, and about this entire series. The Knicks look like a team possessed, determined to win every game, every challenge, every possession. I have […]

Business Time

It’s no secret that the playoffs are my favourite time of year. You can tell because I become more anti-social on weekends. You can tell because my productiveness at the work place mysteriously drops between the hours of 11am and 3pm. And you can tell because I’m back here blogging at NBAMate. It’s not that I don’t […]

Disappointing till the end

For a while now there’s been one longstanding member of the Wall of Fame that has been a bit out of place. Not an athlete. Not a basketballer… in fact, nothing to do with basketball. Not a cheerleader. And not Chopper Reid. Yes, it’s Richo. Sure, you can still see him on Friday night football […]