7 nights, in Miami, covering the Heat, livin’ the dream.


* By now, you know what happened – The Shot. You always had the impression that the Heat would put it this one away but the C’s just wouldn’t back down, and then, following a Dwyane Wade blunder at the free throw line, with 0.6 seconds left Jeff Green hit an outrageous three to win the game 111-110. What a moment to witness first hand.

* A pretty funny scene post-game. In the Celtics locker room everyone was clamouring for the man of the moment Jeff Green. As he walked in from the showers and stood at his locker about 20-25 reporters engulfed him. But no one was rushing Jeff on this night. For about 6-7 minutes Jeff slowly got dressed with his back turned, as everyone just stood there and looked at him. He milked it. It was a tad awkward.

* There wasn’t the same electricity in the air for this game as there was for the nationally televised Clippers game on Thursday.

* I almost didn’t make this one. I thankfully got a heads up the morning of the game that I wasn’t on the list for credentialed media. So for the whole day I was sending emails and making phone calls, and two hours before tipoff I got the nod. Thanks to Nick, the Heat Media Manager for sorting it out.

But then, thanks to the slowest taxi driver in the history of mankind I missed the Miami Heat Dancers’ pre-game tuneup on centre court. Thanks, dude….

* Absolutely everything is monetized here. An example; a family was upgraded to near courtside seats (there was quite a few spare seats in the lower bowl) and to promote this they paraded them on to centre court at the first timeout, put them in KIA t-shirts with the mascot and some cheerleaders either side, and then showed them on the jumbotron whilst it was announced “the Smiths have been upgraded thanks to KIA!”, as they stood there waving uncomfortably. A bit weird, but hey, it’s the USA.

* Perhaps I was a little hasty in my Clippers piece in writing off the wacky Michael Beasley. He scored four straight buckets in the second quarter and gave the impression that he could function as a secondary scorer off the bench. But then again, he’s shown flashes before and then followed that up with bonehead play. We’ll see how it plays out.

* I tell ya what, the buffet in the media dining room rocks.




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