7 nights, in Miami, covering the Heat, livin’ the dream.


* You probably saw the game/result so I won’t bore you with a recap. It was a good one though and it was great to see a vintage D-Wade performance in their 102-97 victory. He scored 11 of his game-high 29 points in the fourth quarter, reminding everyone that he can still take over a game and play brilliantly. Not as often as he used to, clearly, but it’s still there.

* LeBron was a bit quiet, seemed to be bothered by his back which he confirmed post game.

* It was only a 6 point game with 1 minute to go and people started filing out of the arena. Yup.

* Bloody hell that courtside announcer is annoying.

* It’s true – Michael Beasley is as mad as a cut snake.

I first spotted him on centre court about 2 hours before tipoff. Some guys were going through their pre-game routine, but not Bease. I don’t know what he was doing – there was a lot of laughing and he was leering at the dancers, spending several minutes pointing some out to Juwan Howard.

Locker room pre-game, again, laughing, acting the goose at I don’t know what. Seems like the life of the party, yet, he wasn’t at a party. Everyone else was quiet and locked in. And then he was saying some odd things to Rashard Lewis in the locker room post-game which I shall not repeat here. I am not sure of my prediction now that Beasley could play a meaningful role on this team. It’s unlikely.

* Speaking of the Miami Heat dancers, yep, they’re as good as advertised. Let’s just say I am now very familiar with their routines having spent a good chunk of time watching them go through their paces pre-game on centre court. It’s a crime that they only perform a couple of times per game though.








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