7 nights, in Miami, covering the Heat, livin’ the dream.

As any bloke with a couple of young kids (including a baby!) would know, to get the wife to sign off on a solo trip – to a place like Miami, no less – ain’t easy. Well, let me tell ya, it’s possible because here I am in South Beach, baby!

The decision to come to Miami was really a no-brainer (all for basketball/’work’ reasons of course…..). To be honest, due to family commitments I am not sure how much longer I can do this gig, so to have the opportunity to see the ‘Michael Jordan of this generation’ and one of the greatest players of all time in LeBron James, up close and personal, is just something that I couldn’t let pass.

Over the next 7 days I hope to see him play, practice and hangin’ about in the locker room etc. I’ve teed it up but I won’t believe it until I’m actually there. Hopefully it comes to fruition.

I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop but no promises on the regularity of the posts, because you know, I am in Miami so I might get a little distracted, if you know what I mean…..

I’ll leave you with this – totally unrelated to basketball but I have to share it. Whilst waiting to board my flight to Miami at Frankfurt Airport some dude rocked up DRESSED IN CRICKET WHITES…..

In Germany?….On a 10 hour flight to Miami?…..Whaa??

Got to be a pom.

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