A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Grantland’s Zach Lowe tackles the Andrew Bogut contract situation. Lowe is a huge fan of Bogut; check this: “How great is Andrew Bogut? He’s so candid that even media members reading this story thought he might have behaved a tad recklessly in revealing so much. A bunch of my Twitter followers from Australia responded to a tweet about Bogut’s blunt truth-telling by saying, essentially, “This is how Aussies are, mate.” I have to visit Australia one day. You guys seem like the best people. What are you hiding, other than, like, the 50 most dangerous animal species on earth?”

* Tim Kawakami from MercuryNews.com believes $12 million per is the magic number for a Bogut extension.

* The yearly reminder that Carmelo Anthony is all about Carmelo Anthony.

* Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather chewing the fat. A bit awkward.

* Gregg Popovich says Patty Mills could earn the backup point guard job.

* Ian Egle shuts down Mike Fratello.

* TrueHoop with some interesting stats on LeBron’s post game. In the 2013 postseason he averaged about four post-up plays per game. For me, considering that he is virtually unguardable down there that number is still way too low. I hope to ask LeBron a few questions on this when I visit Miami in three weeks time.

* Memphis Grizzlies’ owner Robert Pera can ball.

* Adidas are backing up the truck for Andrew Wiggins, will reportedly offer $180 million.


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