A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball.

* Dwight Howard dancing with an old lady. Sweet manor from heaven!

* In his blog Mark Cuban attempts to explain why the Mavericks are doing what they’re doing (he also posted the animated video the Mavs put together to try and woo Dwight Howard – it’s hilarious). Curiously, he waxes on about how important ‘character’ is to the Mavericks……. If character was so important then why would you offer up the farm for a phony like Dwight Howard, and then sign noted bad shot-taker/philanderer/liar Monta Ellis?

* Check out Kobe Bryant’s Achilles scar.

* JaVale McGee doing more JaVale McGee things.

* Zach Lowe on whether or not Boogie Cousins is worthy of a max contract. Answer = no.

* Next season the Lakers will have more nationally televised games than the Miami Heat…..

* Goran Dragic was ejected from a “friendly” match between Slovenia and Turkey.

* Steph Curry’s new offseason workout routine.

* Larry Sanders gets dunked on by his son.


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