Channel Ten’s decision to pull the pin on their NBA coverage is a major disappointment for Aussie basketball fans. If you feel like venting, NBAMate reader Chris O’Brien has the answer. Take it away Chris:

It would appear Australian commercial TV networks continue to turn it over when it comes to broadcasting HD sport. It began with the inexplicable decision of Network 7 launching its HD channel ‘7mate’, a channel supposedly designed to target adult males on AFL Grand Final Replay day 2010, and then proceeding to screen repeats of 70’s and 80’s TV series – programs never filmed in WS let alone HD – instead of the live AFL Grand Final.

Now the tradition continues as Network 10 re-brand One HD by syphoning off its most compelling sporting content, in favour of cheap and nasty comedies, dramas, reality TV and game shows. If you ask me, the newly streamlined ‘One’ moniker and associated programming is little more than “‘One’ major disappointment”.

To have your say, go to this link to vote for the NBA on free-to-air TV, or visit the facebook page of One or Ten Sport to register your thoughts.



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