Evidently I don’t read Chad Ford’s blogs enough. A few days ago Ford wrote a piece (you’ll need an ESPN Insider account) on a “few breakout players that scouts can’t stop talking about”. Included in that blog, was a very important bit of news for Aussie NBA Fans. Here’s an excerpt:

For the second straight year, NBA scouts are raving about an Australian point guard playing at St. Mary’s. Last year it was Patty Mills getting all the love (before going into a horrific draft-night slide). This year freshman Matthew Dellavedova is garnering all of the attention.

Dellavedova is nothing like Mills. Mills was a diminutive, lightening-quick point guard who could score in bunches. Dellavedova is much bigger (he’s listed at 6-4) and can shoot the lights out. Mills was often compared to Tony Parker. Dellavedova is getting Steve Nash comparisons. He’s off to a terrific start averaging 14 ppg, shooting 42 percent from 3 and sporting an impressive 2-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio.

I doubt he’s a one-and-done player, but he’s being mentioned in virtually every conversation I have with NBA sources.

I added that bold-underlined myself to emphasize what a ridiculously awesome comparison that is. Could it be? An Aussie Steve Nash?

I’ve heard of Matthew Dellavedova’s name before – first at JR’s blog back in August – but I haven’t read such a glowing scout report like that from American writers before.  So if you’re not familiar with the next potential Aussie NBA Hope, I suggest you do a bit of scouting of your own, because when stuff like that starts hitting ESPN you can bet the hype train is just around the corner. Here’s his Draft Prospect page on ESPN, which lists the following:

Draft Projection: Second round to undrafted


  • Great size for his position
  • Excellent shooter with deep range
  • Very high basketball IQ
  • Real leader on the court
  • Excellent ball handler and passer
  • Very aggressive
  • Negatives:

  • Not an elite athlete
  • Questions about lateral quickness
  • In other words, STEVE NASH.

    Big cheers to Ryan from Two Sides of the Hoop for landing this one in my inbox.

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