There is no Sunday Six Pack this week due to me working nightshift lately at my job (no I’m not a prostitute), and the curiously annoying sensation of being robbed 4-5 hours out of each day. And also because the time I could have spent six-packing was instead spent watching these guys.

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I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that since the Bogometer was shut down, the Bucks have gone 2-4, with the two wins being against Charlotte and Memphis (hardly impressive) and the four losses being against quality opposition – San Antonio, New Orleans, Oklahoma, and Orlando. Unsurprisingly the Bucks are getting killed on the rebounds and are lacking interior scoring – in other words the absence of Bogut is hugely noticeable. Look no further for proof of Bogut’s value to Milwaukee than the fact that (previously) one of the league’s hottest teams is now enduring one of the league’s worse losing streaks (four and counting). Needless to say, Drew finds watching the whole thing from afar very frustrating.

In other Bogut news from around the Interweb, he was recently listed as an Honourable Mention by one site in their list of 10 Best NCAA Players of the Decade (along with Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul). Not bad company.

Since we last spoke of David Andersen (his career-high against the Lakers), the versatile Aussie center has continued to get decent minutes in the 12-20 range. His last two outings saw a 10 point (on 4-6 shooting), 3 rebound effort against the Mavericks (the Rockets were absolutely pounded in this game), and a 5-2-5 game against San Antonio (another loss). His numbers for the season are 5.9ppg, 2.8 rpg, 0.6apg shooting 46.5% from the field (healthy) all in 13.1 minutes per game. The interesting thing about Andersen’s numbers is that he seems to play significantly better on the road – 8.3ppg up from 3.5ppg at home, and 49% from the field compared with 41%. There is no logical reason for this – the Rockets are 4-4 at home and 4-4 on the road. It’s not like the extra points are coming from blowout losses on the road, because his season-high was 19 in a win in LA. Either way, its a pretty impressive statistic if you ask me. Almost every other NBA player has their numbers slewed in the exact opposite direction.

Nathan Jawai rose to fame (relatively speaking) after his career-high 16 points a couple of weeks back, but since then its been slim pickings for the not-so-slim Aussie. That 16-point effort saw an increase in his minutes, and he enjoyed 18.8 per game over his next five outings. The highlight during that stretch was a 10 point, 4 rebound effort over his old team, the Mavericks. But then Al Jefferson came back from his two-game absence, and Jawai’s minutes are back in the single figures. From a team perspective, the Wolves have sucked and their losing streak is only one behind the Nets (only four consecutive losses away from becoming the ‘nets’). But individually, his numbers on the season don’t look that bad for a big guy stuck 3rd-4th in the rotation: 4.7ppg, 2.8rpg, 51% shooting in 12.3 minutes. If you’ve watched him play you’ve probably noticed how effective he is on the offensive glass. I certainly did, and after finally tracking down the statistic I was after (as always Basketball Reference saves the day), I can tell you Jawai is 8th in the league for offensive rebounds per 36 minutes with 4.5 per game. If that is the only impressive statistic we’re quoting at the end of the season, I guarantee you, it still makes Jawai a prized commodity in this league.

Well this one slipped through the cracks. Remember Aussie Luke Nevill, who was signed as a free agent with Cleveland during training camp and got to play alongside Shaq? Well, just when we all thought he would be going overseas, it turns out he has signed with the D-League – the Utah Flash! I found out about this from an article that landed in my inbox featuring both Nevill and his new teammate Lee Cummard (former Jacksonville Jaguars player). Guess I’ll have to start keeping an eye on the NBDL from now on. The encouraging thing for Nevill is that fellow Aussie Nathan Jawai also spent time in the D-League last season, and that certainly did no harm to his NBA aspirations. Congrats Luke on signing up with the Flash, and best of luck!

Patty Mills: Another video interview with Patty during his time Downunder, and again, courtesy of A Stern Warning.

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