A lot of you may already know this, and obviously I haven’t been watching Australian TV of late to know what is being advertised, but it appears we will get NBA playoffs on both ESPN and One. At this stage it looks like ESPN will show their usual two games per week, and One will also show a couple of games per week. This will cover a mix of games from different series.

From what I can tell ESPN will be showing first round games from Mavs v Spurs, Cavs v Pistons, and Jazz v Lakers. One haven’t announced exactly what games they’re showing, but based on the broadcast times it looks like we’ll get Heat vs Hawks on Monday (and I can’t see any dates beyond that). So hopefully, with ESPN and One combined we’ll get to see a bit of every first round and second round series (don’t mean to rub it in, but while I’m over here in the US I’ll be watching pretty much every game from every series… just so you know).

As for Conference Finals, it looks like ESPN will be showing the West while One will be showing the East. This is exciting to say the least. Never before have we had both Conference Finals broadcast live on Australian TV. That is massive. And of course, we will get the Finals as per usual (presumably on ESPN).

I won’t be updating the ‘NBA on Australian TV’ schedule in the sidebar throughout the playoffs as it’s just too hard to get game info with sufficient notice (UPDATE – Finals schedule has been put in the sidebar). So I encourage everyone to just check the TV guides for Foxtel and One. Your TV is also a handy site with a good search function – just search “NBA” and it will bring up all the relevant shows across all channels.

Good luck and happy NBA watching!

UPDATE: Thanks to Andrew for posting the TV schedules in the comments section below!

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