Avid readers of NBAMate will remember the piece I wrote on Danny Granger a couple of months back, a piece that others have since labeled “epic”, “amazing”, “?” and including the “greatest paragraph ever conceived by man”. I’m not writing this post out of blatant self-promotion… well, kinda… but I feel this needs to be documented. You see, that piece generated a lot of commotion amongst Pacers fans, especially Danny Granger fans, all across the Interweb. It also occurred around the same time as this post from SLAM Online – a competition to name the nickname-less Danny Granger.  About two-thirds of the way down you’ll find someone’s suggestion for “the platypus” including a little reference to our blog. I never intended my post to inspire a nickname for Danny, but I was amused to see that it had been interpreted that way.

Fast forward a couple of months and I’m watching a Danny Granger clip on YouTube, and in the comments section I find the following remark:

…I was just reading my SLAM magazine. I guess you might have heard of this, but SLAM has decided to give Granger the nickname, “The Platypus.” It says here, “not everyone has heard of him, but underestimate him, taunt him, and he will damage you. Damage you in style.”

Wait a sec… “The Platypus” won the nickname competition? And they quoted my line!?  I asked around and sure enough, on page 17 of edition 126 of SLAM Magazine, the one with Kobe on the front, the winning suggestion for the Danny Granger nickname competition was “The Platypus”. How this won out amongst the many cooler, more American-sounding suggestions beats me – someone at SLAM must have a good sense of humor.

Of course, I didn’t actually suggest the nickname so I didn’t win the prize, but I really don’t give a crap. Let’s just say there’s a Pacers fan somewhere in Minnesota who owes me one. For now, I’ll live with my 100 little words of SLAM Magazine fame, and the sincerely amusing fact that an NBA All-Star has been stamped with the nickname of an obscure furry little creature originating from Australia.

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