I’m growing a beard. It is a relic of my one month long summer break, and I grew too attached to it – more accurately it grew too attached to my face – to shave it off. Despite looking like Cat Stevens I was still asked for ID at the Public Bar in Richmond last night. I pulled out my drivers license in disbelief and asked “Do you think I could grow this f**king beard if I was seventeen years old?” To which the bouncer responded, “Yeah maybe… looks like the kind of beard a teenager would grow”. I gave him my best “Russell Crowe fighting beard” stare and resisted making a joke about his mum’s facial hair, and headed inside.

A lot of the regular readers might not realize this, but it’s been a big week here at NBAMate. For some reason unbeknownst to us, over the last few days the eyes of the NBA blogosphere have cast their glare upon this little Aussie blog a bit more than usual. Apart from leaving us a little flattered, it also opened our own eyes to a few cool blogs we never knew existed. That is the beauty of the Interweb. So with that in mind we thought it only fair to give a big Aussie “Cheers!” to our fellow bloggers who gave us a mention, and to point you towards some sites that are probably more informative and entertaining than ours.

Cheers goes to: Need4Sheed, The Sporting Blog (we will not be changing our name Mr. Shoals), PistonsNation, Both Teams Played Hard (“certainly Australia’s best NBA blog”… aww shucks), Detroit Bad Boys (no offense taken), Indy Cornrows (never had one of our posts called “epic” but we’ll take it, oh and Aussie is spelt with a double “s” ), Truth About It (H8 Lebron), The Love of Sports, Hornets Hype (you guys are hard on yourselves… we’re only a little bit funnier than you), The Hoop Doctors, J.E. Skeets at Ball Don’t Lie, Lake Show Life, Flipside Sports (greatest paragraph ever conceived by man? We’ll take that), LA Ball Talk, Hardcore Detroit Fan and NBA Fan House.

And while we’re doing the warm and fuzzies, we want to say a big thanks to all our readers who’ve been there since the beginning. NBAMate has only existed for a few months, but if you were reading the Trash Talk Podcast Blog back when it was a shitty looking orange website then you deserve the biggest cheers of them all. Special shout out to Mad iX – couldn’t have done it without you mate.

And now if you’ll excuse me I have a beard to go clip.

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