The new site is here! What used to be the Kickz101 Podcast Blog is now NBAMate. It’s pretty simple. But for the more curios/dull minded folk this Q&A should answer everything you need to know about anything.

Q: What happened?
A: We decided we wanted a new site and a new name so we started up NBAMate. Think of it as a little Krystal-style enhancement. As far as we’re concerned it’s the same blog, serving up your regular dose of NBA with an Aussie twist.

Q: Is this website a dating service that will set me up with my favourite NBA player?
A: No. As one of my house mates mistakenly inferred, this is not the place to find your “NBA mate”, nor is the website that will allow you to “mate” with your favourite NBA players. We’re all for man-crushes, but that’s going too far really.

Q: What is going to happen to the old site?
A: All the old blogs have been moved across so you won’t need to visit the old site any more. It’s going to stay online for a little while, then all the old links will automatically redirect to the new site and eventually it will become a relic of the Wayback machine. Please bear with us as we iron out some of the bugs in the new site. One of the things you’ll notice that looks a bit odd is that all the comments for our old blogs are appended to the end of the blog. As always we appreciate any feedback or suggestions you have about the site, or just on life in general.

Q: Is Kickz101 still affiliated?
A: The guys from Kickz101 were very helpful in supporting us with our old blog and we owe them big time – thanks guys! While we’re not officially affiliated any more, they’re still helping us out from time to time and might even be involved in some future competitions. If you live in Melbourne (or anywhere in Australia) and you haven’t already checked out their shop, do it now. They are one of the big reasons the NBA following in Australia has increased over the past few years.

Q: What’s with the faces in the logo?

A: The faces in our Wall of Fame are going to change throughout the season as new things happen. It’s going to be a little collection of our favourite characters of the game, and our favourite people in general. But for now these are my explanations of the originals:

Ray Allen – If you’re a regular reader of our blog then there’s no explanation needed. He is the smoothest man on the planet and I happen to live with his most obsessive fan.

Matthew Richardson – Again, no explanation needed. No other sports star in the world is more deserving of a shrine entitled the “Wall of Disappointment”. That sports star is Richo, and that wall is in my house.

Chopper Reid – Australian ex-convict and now celebrity. Thanks to the Ronnie John’s Half Hour impersonation of Chopper, the HTFU phrase is now firmly entrenched in the colloquial lingo and serves as harsh reality check to us all (notably the Carlton Footy Club).

Dan Majerle – The greatest player of all time according to T.I.M the Robot, and officially the best long distance shooter in the Universe. His ridiculous shooting abilities in NBA Live 95 and 96 led many to suspect the game had a bug, but it was later revealed there was no bug, and that the game happened to accurately reflect Majerle’s long range shooting ability which by definition is ridiculous.

Rasheed Wallace – One of the craziest cats the game has ever seen, and undeniably my favourite player for the past two years. Sheed is one of the few NBA players worthy of an entire blog to themselves

Jessica Alba – Probably the most beautiful women in the world. Just a couple of nights ago I was sitting in a pub in Richmond with a few friends watching Angelina Jolie on the TV. A conversation struck up about how she was voted the sexiest woman alive, yet most of the guys present didn’t even have her in their top ten. One of the girls went on to say how hard it was to define “sexiest woman alive” and that everyone’s taste is different. “Who’s your number 1?” she asked. “Jessica Alba”, the response came simultaneously from three different guys. Argument settled. But don’t just believe me. Here is actual mathematical proof that she is the perfect woman.

Andrew Bogut – The hero of Australian basketball. Once jeered for being a #1pick who didn’t live up to expectations, Bogut is now starting to blossom into a franchise player. Proof of that is the GRTT starting to give him some love: “Bogut and the Bucks beat the Warriors in China”. The Bogey Man is set for a huge 08-09 season, I can feel it.

Dwyane Wade – Was my favourite rookie from the ’03 rookie class and I was calling him “the next Kobe” far earlier than anyone I know (and I received a lot of flack for it at the time). His lousy 07-08 campaign led me to send a few HTFUs his way, but I think its worked and Dwyane has now hardened up for a big assault at the 08-09 season.

Steve Carfino – One of the fathers of modern basketball in Australia. Ask any Aussie NBA/NBL fan who Steve Carfino is and you’ll get a very enthusiastic response, and most likely a few stories dating back to the mid-nineties when he was the face of the basketball on TV. Ask any non-Australian who Steve Carfino is and they will have no idea who the hell you are talking about

If you have any nominations for the Wall of Fame let me know.

Q: What happened to the podcast?
A: The podcast is dead! (sing it to the tune of the FOTC Robot Song, it’s more fun that way). In all seriousness, we had a lot of fun making the podcasts but it’s just a little too time consuming. We wanted to keep the site updated more regularly and we figured the best way to do that was to ditch the podcasts and get blogging. But the idea still lingers in my mind, so if anyone thinks they can help with putting together a podcast for the site then please email me.

Q: Is this blog just for Aussie NBA fans?
A: F**k no. It’s for NBA fans all over the world. We just thought the Australian NBA fan deserved a blog of their own, despite the fact there are millions of blogs out there that are much better.

Q: How can you write an NBA blog from Australia considering we get bugger-all coverage?
A: Good question. I sure as hell don’t get to see as many games as I’d like. But I like to think I follow the NBA closely enough to warrant me rambling about it in cyberspace. Not getting enough NBA downunder? The following can help:
- Get a Pontel subscription. You’ll get the games a week after they were played but it’s better than nothing. I’ve got friends with subscriptions for the Suns, Hawks, Bucks, Lakers and Spurs, as well as my own Detroit subscription, so most of my fav teams are covered (note the Spurs are NOT one of my fav teams, they’re not even in my top 25)
- Try and find a good site to download/stream games. I have a bunch of friends that download games and invite me round to watch them when Detroit lose. I honestly don’t know where they get them from (I’m guessing they’re bit torrents) but throw in a Pontel subscription and the 3-4 games Foxtel show per week and trust me, you’ll have plenty of NBA to watch
- Get an ESPN insider account (thanks Wakey!)
- Bookmark the local press sites for your favourite teams. I check and the Detroit Free Press every day for a good dose of non-ESPN reading. As good as the GRTT are, it’s nice to get a little variety.
- Update: Probably the best way to watch a heap of NBA games in Australia is now International League Pass. Posted about this here.
- Update II:
And now of course we have One HD free to air. My, how things change in two years!

Q: How do I know if I’m an Aussie NBA fan?
A: I’d be hoping this is kind of obvious, but for any confused people here are the “Top 10 Reasons You Know You’re an Aussie NBA Fan”:

10. You don’t get any work or study done between the hours of 11am and 3.00pm
9. You get excited when Sports Tonight shows more than 20 seconds of NBA highlights
8. You have at least three friends that ask you questions like “Is Shawn Kemp still any good?”, “Dikembe Mutumbo is still playing?!?” and “My Anfernee Hardaway rookie card has got to be worth a fortune now, doesn’t it?”
7. You used to think Steve Carfino was awesome
6. You stopped going to TimeZone when they got rid of NBA Jam Tournament Edition (which has subsequently sent TimeZone bankrupt)
5. You have a mate who keeps telling you about a website that streams live NBA games, only every time you visit the site the games are in Chinese or streamed at 2 frames per second
4. You haven’t bought a Beckett magazine for ten years
3. You spend about three minutes cursing at your TV every Saturday afternoon when ESPN decide to cut the second game of the double-header for a more worthy sporting event such as Wood Chopping Tournament or the World Darts Championship.
2. You spend three minutes every Saturday afternoon watching sports such as wood chopping or darts in the hope they’ll switch back to the second game of the double-header
1. You visit NBAMate every day!

Q: What do I do now?
A: Go and tell your friends and your mum about NBAMate if they don’t already know, and make sure you check back regularly to see what’s new. As fun as it is writing stuff for this site, it’s even more fun when people write back and add comments/opinions/abuse to our blogs. Put it this way, if I was sitting in a pub telling you Lebron James is overrated I wouldn’t expect you to just sit there and take it. I’d expect a few choice words, heated hand gestures and spilt beer. This site is no different. NBAMate is your blog in a pub.

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