Back on day 1 of the 2007-2008 season I set out the challenge for any player to match Kobe’s unappreciated day 1 effort of 45pts-8rebs-4ass-4stls. Three-quarters of the way through the season, Lebron responded to the call, and sticking to my word I donated $10 to the Dolphin Research Institute along with a little letter informing them of Lebron’s deed.

A few days ago I received a letter from the Dolphin Research Institute in my mail file at work. I excitedly ripped it open, only to realise it was a standard tax receipt, which kind of rubbed in the fact I only donated $10 and left me feeling a bit “el cheapo”. But my financial insecurities were washed away when I saw the little thank you note stapled to the top of the letter. It certainly brought a smile to my face (click for larger image).

A few of my work colleagues walked by and wondered why I was smirking at a letter, considering we usually only get “serious” mail at work. I tried to briefly explain the situation, but it sounded really stupid. In fact, everyone I’ve tried to explain this to things I’ve gone insane. I don’t really care. All I know is that me, Kobe and Lebron teamed up to do our bit for the dolphins. That sentence will never be written by anyone ever again for the rest of time.

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