HTFU Dwyane Wade

UPDATED 4th March 

About a month ago I wrote a blog asking why Dwyane Wade has somehow escaped criticism despite the Miami Heat’s woeful season, and basically telling him to HTFU. He is their star player, their main man, and when shit hits the fan and your team is putting up performances that would make them fair competition for a WNBA team, you’re supposed to look to your franchise players for leadership and resolve. But Wade hasn’t delivered, and his dismal efforts this season seemed to have slipped through the cracks. It may sound harsh to call them dismal efforts, and I admit I have only seen about 10 Miami Heat games this season. But the Lebron’s, Duncan’s and Kobe’s of this world don’t let their teams lose like this, no matter who else is on their roster. So maybe my beef is with those that insist putting Wade on the same level as Kobe and Lebron, rather than a beef with Wade himself. Either way, I just feel like you can’t let a season like this pass you by without recognising that one of the star players in this league is seriously stinking it up.

How much is he stinking it up? Apart from the Heat’s embarrassing 11-45 record and uncanny ability to rack up double-digit losing streaks, Wade himself is struggling. He leads the league in turnovers, by a long way – averaging 4.4 a game. He’s shooting percentage is a respectable 46% this season but only 0.1 of a percent away from being the worst of his career. He’s shooting threes at 29% percent (ok, I know he’s never been a great three shooter, but hey… maybe now would be a good time to work on that Dwyane?). He is getting to the line less than any season in his career bar his rookie year, and he’s putting up 24.5 points per game when he probably needs to be averaging 32 if the Heat have any chance of winning.

HTFU Dwyane WadeNow, my mother always told me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. And I hate NBA analysts and media members who have an obvious bias (hate) against certain players in the league (like when John Hollinger tries to use stats to make us think Manu Ginobili is better than Kobe). But as a blogger I feel like I’m only doing NBA fans justice by bringing this to their attention; just balancing out the amount of pro-Wade nonsense you’ll hear with a little slice of reality. Thankfully, it appears I can now rest a little easier.

During the Lakers v Heat matchup earlier in the week, Reggie Miller criticised D-Wade on a few occasions, saying that Wade appeared about 60 per cent of his old self (how often do you hear a 26-year old compared to their old self?). This lead coach Riley to stick up for his franchise player and basically used the same whiney excuses I’ve heard all season long:

“As we progress, I value Dwyane so much obviously as a person and as a player. He hasn’t complained. He hasn’t called anybody out. He hasn’t demanded to be traded. He hasn’t quit on his team. He goes out there and tries to do what he can do.”

This is how I interpreted that phrase:

“As we continue to suck, we have to keep paying Dwyane a lot of money as a player and as a contract. He hasn’t gotten any better. He hasn’t made his team mates better. He hasn’t spoken up and said this kind of failure is unacceptable. He’s quit on his team. He goes out there and tries to do what he used to do two seasons ago, but he can’t actually do it and we just end up losing most of the time”

I think Coach Riley needs a dose of HTFU too. Wrapping your superstar player up in pink cotton wool will only turn him soft. There’s just not enough urgency coming out of the Miami Heat camp right now. Maybe that’s because their looking at the upcoming draft (and I suspect they are). All I know is that if I was a Miami Heat fan I would be at my wit’s end by now.

But like I said, thanks to people like Reggie, I can now do a little less Wade bashing. I don’t really get any enjoyment from seeing Wade and the Heat suck. I don’t make a point to talk about it all the time. I always prefer to let the player’s do the talking on the court rather than have writers/bloggers make up everyone’s opinion for them. But if do feel the need to sip the Wade Hatorade, check out the below clip from Friday’s game, made by someone who obviously drinks gallons of the stuff.

UPDATE: It appears Dwyane had a little cry over the above video and had the Fun Police take it down from YouTube. And no, I do not mean the Jason Kidd/Gary Payton version of the Fun Police. Seriously, if this vid was taken down because it makes fun of Dwyane Wade then something is wrong with the world. That, or Pat Riley works for YouTube in his spare time when he’s not drawing up shitty plays for the Miami Heat. Which makes me think, maybe Riley should do away with the whole post-game video analysis session and just surf YouTube to find videos of his players stinking it up? Considering the number of bad Miami plays each game it’s probably a good idea to use the help of millions of YouTubers than the few Miami assistant coaches who haven’t committed suicide yet.

More Fun Police and two other random NBA commercials from the mid-nineties (is that where the Dwight-Superman cape idea came from?). Don’t worry, these videos don’t make fun of Dwyane Wade so they won’t get taken down.

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at 3/12/2008 10:52:00 PM

its sad how u guys criticize dwyane wade like that. i mean he’s really not 100%, he had 2 surgeries.. yet he’s the 5th in ppg in the L. he plays hurt yet he still goes out there. reggie miller, a great scorer, maybe yea he has the right to bash a player on national tv, but to compare dwyane and kobe right now when dwyane is not healthy and saying the heat should trade kobe to miami prolly they’ll win this and that, is just wrong..

and those wade haters, creating those nasty videos making fun of dwade, ya’ll got a lot of time on ur hands. u guys are horrible.. ;(

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at 3/2/2008 9:32:40 AM

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