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The Happiest Aussie in Auburn Hills

In the last week I’ve been traveling around watching games in LA, Houston and Dallas. While the experience has been amazing to say the least, I found myself leaving the arenas feeling a little… I dunno, empty. Cheering on the Lakers, Rockets and Mavs was fun, don’t get me wrong, but ultimately I was indifferent […]

Unsung Player Day – We Salute You Walter Herrmann

April 5th is Unsung Player Day, the day we recognize the lesser lights of the NBA, the role players, the heroes of the bench. Doesn’t mean these players are any less important of course. These guys are often the crowd favorites, they can swing the momentum of the game with just one or two plays, […]

Top 10 Most Likely

Tizzle’s Top 10 Things Most Likely to Happen in 07-08 10. Walter Hermann taking out a restraining order against Kickz101’s Jobba 9. Dwayne Wade breaking an NBA record by becoming the first player ever to score 40pts without attempting a single field goal 8. Indiana asking Golden State if they can cancel last seasons trade, […]