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Wall of Fame, meet Danilo Gallinari

Once again the people have spoken. For only the fourth time in NBAMate history, we have a personnel change in our Wall of Fame. The votes were tight, and thanks to the recent groundswell of anti-Miami hate, Dwayne Wade looked like his days in the WoF were numbered. He was in a tussle with Juan […]

The Cock in the Wall

Readers of NBAMate will fondly remember the Doubting Thomas Awards that we ran throughout the 2009-2010 season. No other blog in the world spent as much time writing about Chris Quinn, Patrick O’Bryant and Roko Ukic as we did. Whether that’s a good thing or not I’m not sure, but we’re pretty proud of it. […]

Sunday Six Pack: Suns go to #1, Kobe goes inside, AI goes home

ONE: Pop Quiz: Who is THE in-form center in the league at the moment? If you answered Dwight Howard, you’d be incorrect. The correct answer is actually Chris Kaman. But who is the second most in-form center at the moment? That would probably be Andrew Bogut. Since looking very rusty in his first two games, […]

Sunday Six Pack: Lebron-Shaq, the Aussie Contingent and the Wall of Fame

ONE: First off the rank is the Aussie Roundup. Lots of Aussie-related NBA news happening in the last week, all of which you would have seen if you’re following the NBAMate Twitter feed (more on this later). You all know by now that Patty signed with the Blazers – a move that many thought could […]

Melbourne Summer, Rondo The Man and the Fu**ing Puerto Rican Guy

This is probably my favourite time of year. I worked my last day of the year on Friday and now face a month of summer and beer drenched days stretching all the way though till early January. I plan to spend a lot of that time walking around without pants on, watching a lot more […]

NBAMate – For FAQs Sake!

The new site is here! What used to be the Kickz101 Podcast Blog is now NBAMate. It’s pretty simple. But for the more curios/dull minded folk this Q&A should answer everything you need to know about anything. Q: What happened? A: We decided we wanted a new site and a new name so we started […]