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HTFU Glen Davis

Anyone who saw yesterday’s Celtics vs Blazers game knows it. Glen Davis deserves the biggest “Harden the Fuck Up” of the season so far. During a Celtics timeout that was called because the Blazers were roaring back, Kevin Garnett pulled his troops together – literally – and seemed to have a few choice words for […]

Day 6 – Stayin Alive

PLAYOFF DIARY: DAY 6 This was an important day for the playoffs. Based on the first two games between the Magic and Raptors, Cavs and Wiz, and Rockets and Jazz, a 3-0 result was looking likely across all three series. But instead the Raptors pulled out a balanced effort to spank the Magic (they lead […]

Sorry Celts!

I take it all back. To Celtics fans, I apologise. I was so sure today’s game would result in a San Antonio victory I’d already chalked it up in the “L” column. A team anchored around their missing power forward, KG, facing the best power forward in the game in Tim Duncan. Ray Allen and […]

Why is Dwyane Wade Immune?

I need someone to help me understand something. The Miami Heat are such an incredibly bad team right now, that much has been well documented. They are being spanked by the Celtics as we speak after being down by 30 points in the second quarter. THE SECOND QUARTER! I don’t remember seeing a deficit that […]