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The things I learned in June

Some random observations from the previous month’s action: * I’m surprised that so many people are dumping on James Harden for his Finals performance. Sure, he was disappointing, but let’s be realistic here; he’s a third year player in this league and only 22 years old. I’ll repeat that, he’s 22 years old. And he […]

The things I learned in March

Some random observations from the previous month’s action: * Don’t discount the Portland Trail Blazers as a serious option for Deron Williams this offseason. With Dwight Howard staying put in Orlando (for now) you’d have to be a bit nutty to think Williams will stick around with the Nets, because without Howard on board they’re […]

The Things I Learned In January

Some random observations from the previous month’s action: * The Minnesota Timberwolves are on the cusp of putting together not only a winner, but a must-see basketball team. They have an untouchable threesome in Love, Rubio and Williams, a brilliant coach and a (relatively) clean cap sheet. But if they want to reach the playoffs […]

5 Win-Win Trades

JT is the newest writer to hit the pine for NBAMate. A Brett Maher-like streak shooter in his heyday, JT now finds time to break down the fundamentals of the round-ball game in between changing diapers and other fatherly duties. Typically an NBA trade produces a winner and a loser, but here are five trade […]

The Offseason Trade Chronicles, Part 1: Al Jefferson To Utah

With the NRL regular season drawing to a close and my Tigers set to make the playoffs for the first time since that magical 2005 run, that along with the NFL pre-season (I’m a 49ers fan, having been born in San Fran to a Niners fan dad and all) my sporting attention was nowhere else. […]

The only Playoff Preview you’ll need – Part I

They’re finally here. The 2010 NBA Playoffs. The second season. The reason we play 82. On the eve of Day 1 of the playoffs, Ant and Rob break down each series the old-fashioned way, position-by-position, as well as telling you what really matters. You know, like what beer to drink, who you should be rooting […]

The Mavs are Coming

(AP Photo/Donna McWilliam) So you thought the Dallas Mavericks were going to stumble into the playoffs by default, becoming a short-lived 8th seeded passenger? Think again. After effectively terminating the Suns playoff hopes with a 24-point slaughtering on Sunday, the Mavs tonight completely dismantled a Utah team fighting to stay ahead of them in the […]

2008-2009 Season Preview: The Contenders

Your 2009 NBA Champion is going to be one of these teams Los Angeles Lakers Shortly after the Gasol trade last season, me and one of my many Suns-supporting friends (who for unnamed reasons shall be known as the Cougar Hunter) were musing about the Lakers fortunes. “It’s so unfair”, was the overriding theme of […]