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2011 Finals Game 4 – Brought To You By My Credit Card

Because I had to go and buy League Pass this morning. So y’all better appreciate this shit. In the end, it was like the previous two games – not that brilliant from a pure basketball standpoint, but drama aplenty. More discussion after the points. 3 Points – Tyson Chandler. The Mavs won this game on […]

Day 34 – Unusual

This was an unusual playoff game, for many reasons. 3 votes – Tyson Chandler.  This was an unusual playoff game because not a single player really had it going. Durant sputtered through 46 minutes and again had one of those games where he takes a lot of threes and makes none of them (he’s 0-13 […]

Day 10 – Grizzlies Roar, Nuggets Sparkle and Mavericks…Do Maverick Things

The title pretty much gives away the day’s playoff happenings. The Grizzlies took the series to 3-1 with a convincing 104-86 victory over San Antonio and look ever more likely to actually make me (and Tizzle) seem like geniuses for picking the upset. The Mavs recovered from the Brandon Roy-athon of the last two games […]

Dream Teams: Centers and ‘The Scrimmage’

The ‘92 vs ‘07 USA Team Face-Off Part I: The Guards Part II: The Forwards The Centers Patrick Ewing and David Robinson are two guys whose NBA careers will probably be defined by the words “choke” and “failure” more than anything else. Note: before reading any further please take note that I’m a harsh critic […]