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Thinking about Lebron and his Tweet

I just sat down to write about Lebron and his Tweet today. You know, this one. I was thinking about it non-stop all along the drive home. About how Lebron somehow managed to become even more of a douche than he already was. About how petty and classless his comments were. About his epic miscalculation […]

Sunday Six Pack: Lebron-Shaq, the Aussie Contingent and the Wall of Fame

ONE: First off the rank is the Aussie Roundup. Lots of Aussie-related NBA news happening in the last week, all of which you would have seen if you’re following the NBAMate Twitter feed (more on this later). You all know by now that Patty signed with the Blazers – a move that many thought could […]

Bulls-Celtics – The Greatest Story on Earth

Forget amazing, tonight Impossible Happened. The series with four overtimes through its first five games has ended up with seven overtimes through its first six. If those numbers don’t make sense, they’re not supposed to. You’re not supposed to have more overtimes than games. Tonight basketball fans were left speechless, incapable of describing a game […]

Everybody’s doing it

It finally happened. After following the bizarre Twitter craze that has engulfed the NBA and its blogs the past few months from a safe distance, I’ve finally jumped on board. If you haven’t heard about this fad or experienced it first hand, you really have some catching up to do: there was the classic story […]