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Boomshakalaka! Fantasy Roundup: NBA Jam Edition

Yes you’ve undoubtedly already heard that the arcade classic NBA Jam is making a comeback (though only on the Wii ), a game we all fondly remember for its fast game-play, towering dunks, flaming balls and an abundance of hidden characters. Not only that but the commentary, rife with catchphrases that are still regularly uttered […]

New Season’s Eve: Ten Intriguing Storylines for 2009-10

The new season has finally arrived, and just like every year, I can’t believe I went four and a half months without it. The 2009-2010 campaign is shaping up to be a beauty, for so many reasons. Will we see the King finally crowned with his new Diesel-powered sidekick? Will Dwight get redemption along with […]

Ariza, Artest and the Death of Loyalty

Explain to me the logic in this. Trevor Ariza, a player who was instrumental in the Lakers 2009 Championship but who ultimately has achieved very little else in his career so far, refuses to accept the Lakers mid-level exception offer believing himself to be worth much more. Ron Artest, a veteran who has won defensive […]

Game 4 Lessons

(AP Photo/Chris Graythen, Pool) So it happened again. In last year’s Finals Game 4 we saw the Celtics historic comeback, an improbable win snatched from the jaws of defeat, a 48-minute nightmare that LA would wake from only to see the insurmountable 3-1 deficit staring back at them. It happened again this year, not a […]

Serving up back-to-back Finals and 2500 Words on a Saturday Afternoon

Kobe Bryant has now done something that Tim Duncan never did: lead his team to back-to-back Finals appearances. That thought startled me a little when it first entered my brain, but it’s true. Since MJ and the Bulls faced off against Karl Malone and the Jazz in ’97 and ’98, it’s been exceedingly difficult for […]

Kobe gets help, Lakers go up 2-1

My lingering memory from Game 3 of this series will not be Kobe’s clutch three or Ariza’s steal. It will be Pau Gasol’s fourth quarter performance and the Lakers persistence in running their offense through him. That Gasol needed more touches was painstakingly obvious through the first two games of this series, because as was […]

What Kobe got for Christmas

I watched the Heat-Cavs game this morning knowing full well that the second game of the day, the Lakers vs Suns match up, would be a thousand times better. And it was. 59 more points were scored, 8 more threes, I didn’t have to watch Sasha Pavlovich miss open shot after open shot, I didn’t […]