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Whats Doin: Revenge is a dish best served cold, or a chop to the throat will suffice

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Tracy McGrady in a Chinese beer commercial. Yeah, that beer will be flying off the shelves now…. * Indiana bench warmer and noted deadbeat Lance Stephenson mocks LeBron James with a choke sign during their Game 3 win over the Heat. With all […]

Quotes of the Month – February 2012

“You think I’ll hang around and average 19 points or 18 points? Hell no.” – The Lakers’ Kobe Bryant on how much longer he intends to play. His ‘twilight years’ will be interesting, that’s for sure. “I’ll need something to live on.” – Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov pledged to give $17 billion of his $18 […]

They Said It

Outrageous, incredibly stupid, downright delusional; no, I am not talking about James Dolan. Rather, these words describe some of the comments made in the NBA in recent months. There are some doozies here, let me assure you. “On paper, we are the best team in the League. We are deep and athletic.” – Detroit’s Rodney […]

New Season’s Eve: Ten Intriguing Storylines for 2009-10

The new season has finally arrived, and just like every year, I can’t believe I went four and a half months without it. The 2009-2010 campaign is shaping up to be a beauty, for so many reasons. Will we see the King finally crowned with his new Diesel-powered sidekick? Will Dwight get redemption along with […]

Sunday Six Pack: Big Men, Sour Grapes and the Return of T-Mac?

ONE: Charley Rosen at Fox Sports wrote a piece during the week on young centers in the NBA, titled “Why there’s a shortage of quality big men“. In it he touches on Andrew Bogut and offers the following assessment: “Bogut is perhaps the most savvy of the young bigs and also possesses very good hands. […]

The End of T-Mac?

I just read this ESPN article in disbelief. T-Mac will have season-ending surgery on his left knee. I don’t know why I’m so stunned, because I really should have seen this coming. We knew T-Mac was finished. With a back that seems more injury-prone than my 82 year old grandpa’s and a left knee about […]

Day 3: T-Mac first round exit… Take 7!

PLAYOFF DIARY: DAY 3 I’m sorry T-Mac. This isn’t going to be the year you break your six-time first round playoff drought. But hey, it’s not all bad. At least you’re not up 3-1 making spectacular predictions like how it’s “nice to finally be in the second round”, which is usually a comment reserved for […]

The MVP Candidates: Part III

Who wants to be like Dirk? Well, the MVP part… not who wants to choke in the playoffs. Check out Parts I and II of my look at this year’s MVP candidates, and my gripe against the MVP There’s a reason I didn’t get round to writing this blog sooner. Between me being lazy, spending […]

RoBloG Playoff Diary

Day 42: Nine in a Row From a Detroit fan’s perspective, thats the only way to look at it… nine in a row. Since playing arguably our best game in the playoffs in game 3 against the Bulls, Detroit have played nine very ordinary, average-at-best games. That is an incredible streak of poor form to […]