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Day 11 – Juice Boost

Contrary to what my mate Wibo tells me, Ray Allen’s head clearly does not always have a matte finish 3 votes – Caron Butler. Who saw this coming? If you had told me one Mavs player would explode for 35 and 11 in Game 6 I would have bet my house on it being Dirk […]

Day 12 – When the going gets tough, Tough Juice gets going

PLAYOFF DIARY: DAY 12 Today the Celtics continued their two-face behavior against the Hawks by belting them in Boston… again. You figure the Celtics are so dominant at home that a Hawks win in game 6 would only delay the inevitable. Still, it’s imperative for the Celtics to finish this one ASAP. If this series […]


Delusional: de-lu-sion-al (di-loo-zhuhn-al) adjective 1. suffering from or characterized by delusions 2. refer to post game comments by Joakim Noah on Sunday 9th March 2008. “With our style of play, there’s no reason we shouldn’t have beaten that team…I think Detroit’s a great team, but I still think we are better than them, really. I […]

Tough Juice, Larry Huges and the Frustrated Suns Fan

Been a crazy couple of days in the L. Lets reflect. I laughed hard at Caron after his post-game brain fade against the Celtics when he said the Wizards were aiming at a championship. Well, I laughed even harder when those same Wizards got beaten by the Knicks two days ago. A loss to the […]