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Boomshakalaka! Fantasy Roundup: NBA Jam Edition

Yes you’ve undoubtedly already heard that the arcade classic NBA Jam is making a comeback (though only on the Wii ), a game we all fondly remember for its fast game-play, towering dunks, flaming balls and an abundance of hidden characters. Not only that but the commentary, rife with catchphrases that are still regularly uttered […]

The Top Ten Most Likely: 08-09 Edition

Tizzle is back with his crystal ball and a look at this seasons Top Ten Most Likely Things to Happen. You heard it here first folks! #1 – Camby was angry. Iverson was angry. Carmelo was angry. Every Denver fan was angry. Even yours truly was angry. But now, we are all living in disbelief. […]

Top 10 Most Unlikely

You’ve seen the Most Likely list. Now it’s time for… Tizzle’s Top 10 Things Most Unlikely To Happen in 07-08 10. The Orlando Magic thinking they got Rashard Lewis “on the cheap” 9. Isiah Thomas asking Violet Palmer for some sweet love after she refs a Knicks game 8. Allen Iverson calling a press conference […]

Top 10 Most Likely

Tizzle’s Top 10 Things Most Likely to Happen in 07-08 10. Walter Hermann taking out a restraining order against Kickz101’s Jobba 9. Dwayne Wade breaking an NBA record by becoming the first player ever to score 40pts without attempting a single field goal 8. Indiana asking Golden State if they can cancel last seasons trade, […]