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The ‘Stay or Go’ Chronicles

In November of 2008 I wrote an article on the 2010 offseason, predicting which players would stay with their current team and which would leave. For the marquee names – LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Amare Stoudemire and Joe Johnson – I was bang on. In the next two years a new wave of […]

The First Sunday Six Pack

There are too many sports blogs. Too many. Ever wondered why Ball Don’t Lie bother doing their Ten Man Rotation bit? Because there’s too many sports blogs, and you’ll never find all the good stuff without someone trawling through cyberspace to find the good stuff for you. So lies the reason for the Sunday Six […]

Catching up on Day 20-22

Haven’t added to my playoff diary in almost a week – I’ve got some serious catching up to do! Best way to do it is probably with my MVP playoff votes. Day 20’s Playoff MVP Votes 3 votes – Tony Parker. No real doubt about this one. After Chris Paul looked like he’d murdered the […]

Day 7 & 8 – Parker the Great

Contrary to what most of you are probably thinking, the reason I didn’t add to my playoff diary yesterday was not because my Pistons got slammed by the 76′ers. I actually had a friend’s bucks party to attend, and due to a bout of beersomnia I’m currently dealing with I thought I’d get to some […]

My All-NBA AFL Team

They couldn’t be more worlds apart. One sport is played by lean, leaping giants, throwing a round ball into a small hoop with five-man teams running end-to-end on shiny wooden floor boards. The other is played by tough, rugged warriors trying to kick an impossible egg-shaped ball over a grass paddock 180 meters long through […]

Cavs go down 0-2

Don’t let the final score fool you… as far as NBA Finals blowouts go this one is right up there, along with the Bulls demolition of the Jazz in game 3 of the 98 Finals. As coach Van Gundy said several times in the broadcast, it was a “clinic”. Parker was again brutally efficient on the […]

RoBloG Playoff Diary

Day 42: Nine in a Row From a Detroit fan’s perspective, thats the only way to look at it… nine in a row. Since playing arguably our best game in the playoffs in game 3 against the Bulls, Detroit have played nine very ordinary, average-at-best games. That is an incredible streak of poor form to […]