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Sunday Six Pack: KD, VC and the Batman

  Ahhhh… feels good to down a six pack during the season for once. ONE: First the Aussie Roundup. BogutWatch – now back in action after a 10 month absence – didn’t exactly get off to the best start yesterday. The Bucks got rolled in Philly 99-86, with AB struggling in the 31 minutes of […]

Disturbing news X2

My phone rings. It’s Chucko. “You read the MX today?” The MX is a free Melbourne newspaper that you usually read on the train. It’s 6pm, I’m still at work, so no I haven’t read it. “See what they said about Donaghy?” I wasn’t aware but I felt a bitter rant coming from a Suns […]

Top 10 Most Unlikely

You’ve seen the Most Likely list. Now it’s time for… Tizzle’s Top 10 Things Most Unlikely To Happen in 07-08 10. The Orlando Magic thinking they got Rashard Lewis “on the cheap” 9. Isiah Thomas asking Violet Palmer for some sweet love after she refs a Knicks game 8. Allen Iverson calling a press conference […]