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Kobe Bryant Blog Day Downunder

For anyone unaware of happenings in the NBA blogosphere, today is officially Kobe Bryant Blog Day. Now being downunder in Aus, today is actually yesterday in the States so we are actually writing on Kobe Bryant Blog Day from the future. Yes, we managed to borrow the time machine Dirk has been working on. Fittingly, […]

Crazy Thunder Dan!

This clip has been around on YouTube for a while but it just caught my eye recently. This is Thunder Dan Majerle at his crazy best. This is why he’s a legend of the game. This is why T.I.M thinks he’s the greatest player of all time (ok maybe not). I think what Mike Wilbon […]

Chicken Rice and a Philippino named Rolly

I’ve been over here in Malaysia for the past couple of weeks, soaking in the culture, warm weather and chicken rice. Seriously, they eat a lot of chicken over here. Chicken curries, chicken sandwiches, chicken kebabs, and of course chicken rice. Overwhelmed with the chicken I went to a place called Kenny Roger’s Roasters named […]

1995 – All those years ago

While driving down the Princes Highway from Bulla to Geelong today I turned my radio dial to Gold 104.3 FM (for those non-Melbournians that is the station where you get your fix of 60s, 70s and 80s music) expecting to hear some old-school mellow tunes to soothe my soul. Instead I was shocked to hear Alanis Morissette […]