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NBA Finals Game 1 – The Statement Game

As Statement Games go, it wasn’t quite MJ’s 63 points in the old Boston Garden (a game I grew up watching on tape) or even LeBron’s 45-15-5 of just a few days ago. But in this game, Kevin Durant and the Thunder confirmed what many of us knew before – that when KD’s offensive game […]

Day 39 – Sturm und drang und…Bärte?

Firstly, apologies both to the rest of the boys and our readers for my irregular posting for the playoff diary. I’ve been super busy the last couple of weeks, firstly with assignments (I still have one that needs to go in and it’s now two weeks late!) as well as working on a piece that […]

Day 33 – Streakbusters

It took them three attempts at it, but as we all expected – the Oklahoma City Thunder finally put an end to the phenomenal win streak by the San Antonio Spurs. In this game three matchup, Patty Mills also logged ten minutes, the circumstances were unfortunate. 3 votes – Kevin Durant. It wasn’t a night […]