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Whats Doin: No sugar coating it from Bogut

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Andrew Bogut is fed up with the Warriors’ defense and pulling no punches in identifying where the problem lies. And some people don’t like it. * A Dallas Mavericks dance video. Ah, Dirk Nowitzki dancing is always a special treat. * Russell Westbrook […]

HTFU Detroit, the sinking Lakers and the charging Bucks

After spending two days trying to stay dry amidst the “drought-ending storm” at Meredith Musical Festival, and the next five days trying to stay on the fairways in Yarrawonga, I’m now back in Melbourne town and life is kind of back to normal again (although my liver will never be the same). After being away […]

Breaking down the Lakers v Pistons

Foxtel achieved one of its rare NBA scheduling miracles by letting us watch the Pistons v Lakers game today. Couldn’t think of a better game to watch right now than the undefeated Lakers vs the Iverson-lead Pistons, and as a Pistons fan you can imagine I was pretty happy with the result. Here is my […]

Stern’s Dream, Ray’s return, and the Pistons demise?

A lot has happened since my last playoff diary blog back on Day 32. I’m a bit behind. But with five days of no NBA action I’ve got plenty of time to write stuff, and you’ve got plenty of time to read it. Where do I start… We have the Finals everyone wanted. Right after […]

Dream Teams: Part II

We had a look at the ’92 vs ‘07 duel at the guard positions in Part I. Time to move on to the forwards… Small Forward If I’m being lenient I’m putting Bird, Pippen, Mullin, Laettner, Melo, Lebron and Tayshaun all in this category. But Melo starts at the 4 for the Dream Team so […]