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Whats Doin: Spike’s revenge

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Steph Curry’s one-legged three pointer. Wow! * Two wicked dunks – Iman Shumpert and Kevin Durant. * Gregg Popovich and sideline interviews are the best (1 and 2). * Joe Ingles arrives for the Euroleague Final Four. * LeBron James put on a […]

B.S. podcast with Lee and Curry

In Bill Simmons’ latest podcast he spoke to the Golden State Warriors’ All-Star worthy duo David Lee and Steph Curry, and in it they had a brief but interesting exchange about Andrew Bogut and Aussies in general. Here’s what was said: BS: Can you get him back this year? Lee: I think so. He started […]

Whats Doin: Love’s had a gutful

A weekly wrap of the things you should know in basketball. * Check out this bizarre incident – Toronto’s Amir Johnson wrestles for the ball with a ref after a free throw, gets ejected AND then throws his mouthguard at the ref. * Kevin Love sounds off on the Timberwolves. Wow!! Unless they’re a legit […]

Monta And Me

(Author’s Note: This is a very personal story, and it’s quite dark in some places. If you don’t want to read it, feel free not to.) It’s nearly a year since I was last in the USA. During that time, along with my other travels, I spent a few days visiting my cousins in Houston. […]

Dwight In Golden State? Please.

The Dwight Howard circus continues to rattle on until the the NBA trade deadline. One day Orlando are not trading him, the next they’ve received an offer worth considering, and on another day he wants to be a free agent to form a Triple D team with Dirk and Deron in Dallas. One rumour that […]