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2011 Finals Game 5 – The Defining Game

So often a Game 5 is the defining game in the Finals, which contains the make-or-break moment where the game – and the entire series – could have gone either way. We may look back on this Game 5 in the exact same way. The Mavs were the better team all day, and enjoyed a […]

Wall of Fame, meet Danilo Gallinari

Once again the people have spoken. For only the fourth time in NBAMate history, we have a personnel change in our Wall of Fame. The votes were tight, and thanks to the recent groundswell of anti-Miami hate, Dwayne Wade looked like his days in the WoF were numbered. He was in a tussle with Juan […]

Dallas Mavericks – 2009 NBA Blog Preview

Photo by Danny Bollinger When I think about my trip to the USA earlier in the year, of all the NBA games that I saw, one stands out very clearly in my mind. This one. Of all the teams I watched around the country during that month-long adventure, the most fun I had – apart […]

Playoff Diary 2009 – Day 1

The playoff diary is back, along with the usual Playoff MVP votes we’ll hand out every day. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to post every day – I am on holiday after all! – but I will do my best. We have to talk about Derrick Rose. I’m sure the Internet is about to […]

The Mavs are Coming

(AP Photo/Donna McWilliam) So you thought the Dallas Mavericks were going to stumble into the playoffs by default, becoming a short-lived 8th seeded passenger? Think again. After effectively terminating the Suns playoff hopes with a 24-point slaughtering on Sunday, the Mavs tonight completely dismantled a Utah team fighting to stay ahead of them in the […]

Melbourne Summer, Rondo The Man and the Fu**ing Puerto Rican Guy

This is probably my favourite time of year. I worked my last day of the year on Friday and now face a month of summer and beer drenched days stretching all the way though till early January. I plan to spend a lot of that time walking around without pants on, watching a lot more […]

Back-to-back Sheed and more Puerto Rican guy

I’ve said this before, but there are few plays in this league more demoralizing to the opposition than a big Rasheed Wallace three. Today the Spurs felt the long range wrath of Sheed who nailed three fourth-quarter treys and outplayed Tim Duncan down the stretch (just like he did last season). But it was his […]

Happy Birthday Bogut, the return of Ray and some Puerto Rican guy

After recovering from a weird and wonderful night spent talking and dancing with strangers with moustaches at the Movember Melbourne Gala Party, my life returned to a little normalcy today (although seeing the guy with assless chaps win Man of Movember may scar me for a few more weeks). Here’s a look around the L. […]