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Under the Playoff Pump

J.O is the newest writer here at NBAMate. His mantra is “If it’s not NBA, it’s not BASKETBALL”. The owner of over 200 NBA ‘video-taped’ games, J.O. lives n breathes NBA on a daily basis, reads it, watches it, writes about it and challenges anybody to a game of NBA 2K10! This guy really does need a life…. Playoff […]

Sunday Six Pack: KD, VC and the Batman

  Ahhhh… feels good to down a six pack during the season for once. ONE: First the Aussie Roundup. BogutWatch – now back in action after a 10 month absence – didn’t exactly get off to the best start yesterday. The Bucks got rolled in Philly 99-86, with AB struggling in the 31 minutes of […]

Dallas Mavericks – 2009 NBA Blog Preview

Photo by Danny Bollinger When I think about my trip to the USA earlier in the year, of all the NBA games that I saw, one stands out very clearly in my mind. This one. Of all the teams I watched around the country during that month-long adventure, the most fun I had – apart […]

Sorry Celts!

I take it all back. To Celtics fans, I apologise. I was so sure today’s game would result in a San Antonio victory I’d already chalked it up in the “L” column. A team anchored around their missing power forward, KG, facing the best power forward in the game in Tim Duncan. Ray Allen and […]